CGG defines its ethical standards, core values and commitments in its Group Values, Code of Ethics, Business Code of Conduct and in the policies that guide their implementation. CGG’s Ethics Committee supports and oversees implementation of the Business Code of Conduct.

Code of Ethics: a commitment to Clients, Shareholders, Employees and Partners

The development of the CGG Group is constructed on the foundation of its values and ethics. This represents a commitment by CGG to its clients, its shareholders, its employees and its partners to comply with laws and regulations and to respect the principles of its Business Code of Conduct.

  • We contribute individually and collectively to the continued improvement of the health, safety and security of our working environment
  • We respect environmental standards and strive to minimize the impact of our activities
  • We protect the Group's assets and we fulfill our obligations concerning confidentiality
  • We avoid conflicts of interest, especially in our relationships with our clients, suppliers, competitors or partners
  • We keep our commitments to them and we base our relationship on fair business practices
  • We comply in all circumstances with rules controlling insider trading
  • We do not receive or give gifts or invitations, which do not conform to good business ethics and we reject any form of corruption
  • We are attentive to the quality of human relations within our workplaces and we comply with regulations which seek to combat discrimination or harassment
  • We produce financial statements that reflect the company's situation fairly, and we communicate in a reliable, open and transparent way

Business Code of Conduct

The CGG Business Code of Conduct updates, revises and summarizes, in one universal framework, CGG standards for employee conduct, helping us to act consistently with our Group Mission and Vision & Values. It helps guide each of us as we work towards delivering our products and services with integrity. The code is a reference to important information all employees need to know – including where to get additional help.

CGG is a global company, and that means our employees are subject to the laws and regulations of different countries. The code establishes principles for business conduct applicable throughout the Group, regardless of location.

CGG Business Code of Conduct is available in:

Business Code of Conduct, Arabic  Download (PDF)
Business Code of Conduct, Chinese  Download (PDF)
Business Code of Conduct, English  Download (PDF)
Business Code of Conduct, French  Download (PDF)
Business Code of Conduct, Indonesian  Download (PDF)
Business Code of Conduct, Norwegian  Download (PDF)
Business Code of Conduct, Portuguese  Download (PDF)
Business Code of Conduct, Russian  Download (PDF)
Business Code of Conduct, Spanish  Download (PDF)

A dedicated training program towards our employees is in place to ensure visibility, understanding and appliance of the Business Code of Conduct.

To further encourage compliance, CGG has established an independent Ethics Alert system to report irregularities to or violations of the CGG Code of Conduct. An Ethics Alert hotline, managed by an independent third party, is open to employees 24 hours a day in all countries where we work or operate.

To support the Business Code of Conduct, CGG created the Ethics Committee. Enquiries about our Business Code of Conduct should be sent to

Ethics Committee


The role of the Ethics Committee is to:

  • Monitor distribution and understanding of the Business Code of Conduct within the Group
  • Provide recommendations concerning ethical issues
  • Draw attention to risks associated with individual behaviors, which fail to abide by principles described in the code of conduct
  • Provide answers on a confidential basis to all employee questions concerning ethics

Any difficulty in applying our Code of Ethics must be brought to the attention of the Ethics Committee.


The committee meets several times a year and reports to the Audit Committee and to the Chief Executive Officer.


The Ethics Committee is chaired by Sandra Begu. All members are:







DLin Dechun

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