Social Responsibility

CGG wants to play an active role in the long-term development of its employees, as well as the people and communities around its permanent centers and seismic acquisition projects. Our ongoing stakeholder dialogue is part of this endeavor and so is our Corporate Citizenship commitment.

Close to our partners and clients across the globe

​​​The group is currently operating in more than 40 countries, spanning all of the world’s natural resource basins. Successfully maintaining long-term relationships with national partners and enabling them to leverage our technology to best address their particular energy challenges is central to CGG’s strategy.

SD University partnership Saudi Arabia
ARGAS (CGG and TAQA joint venture) and King Abdulaziz University (KAU) partnership

Promoting local content in seismic acquisition

Seismic acquisition, whether onshore or offshore, is intrinsically nomadic. A survey rarely lasts more than a couple of months of operations. Nevertheless, this business offers significant opportunities to make a positive difference in the host regions. Our ability to recruit and source goods locally is therefore an essential success factor. For short-term employment for Land Acquisition, locally hired staff and continuous employment over several successive surveys is favored whenever possible.

Additionally, other local content efforts have been made for several years through training programs and partnerships with local universities. To this end, every year CGG signs a number of cooperation agreements with a number of universities worldwide providing for the granting of Hampson-Russell reservoir characterization software or geovation seismic data processing software licenses for academic purposes. 

Developing and maintaining harmonious community relations​

Community relations are usually managed by our clients as they engage with local communities over a much longer period of time than we do. However, CGG behaves as a responsible partner to implement the client’s approach in the field. Clients frequently expect us to participate in the community relations management plans they have already initiated. At the same time, on all our multi-client acquisition seismic surveys, CGG takes sole responsibility for managing the community relations process. High-risk projects with frequent interactions with local communities are closely managed. Identifying our stakeholders and engaging with them early on to find ways of responsibly sharing the ocean or land use is critical to the conduct of safe and efficient surveys. 

SD Meeting Thailand
Meeting with local villagers in Thailand, as part of the CGG Community Relations Management Plan
To learn more about Community Relations in Thailand, read our related case study.

Responsible procurement

CGG is committed to managing suppliers and subcontractors in its area of prevailing influence to ensure their compliance with HSE Group policies and standards. The Corporate Purchasing department has developed methods and tools to support this commitment. Among them is the Supplier Code of Conduct which describes the minimum social and environmental standards expected from suppliers. Compliance with these rules is monitored during HSE-OMS audits, as the scope of these audits also covers subcontractors under CGG's prevailing influence.

Corporate citizenship

The Group supports and contributes to community actions to advance education/training (with a special focus on promoting Earth Sciences), community service, environmental protection, health and safety. A network of sustainable development correspondents ensures the monitoring, promotion, and reporting on local projects in coordination with the Group social responsibility manager. Some countries even have their own Sustainability Committee formed by volunteers who suggest and monitor local initiatives. In 2014, CGG and its employees conducted more than 100 initiatives in 25 countries amounting to about one million USD of funds invested in sustainability projects.

SD JP Morgan
Each year, Singapore employees participate in the JP Morgan Corporate Charity Walk

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)​

​​​​Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) indexes assess a company’s extra-financial performance based on specific methodologies. CGG is listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability World and Europe Indexes, as well as the Ethibel Excellence Index.
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Sustainability - Health Safety and Security

Health, Safety and Security

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