Sustainable Development Strategy

For CGG, sustainability means the ability to successfully create value by optimizing the discovery and the development of natural resources in the long term using geosciences, while at the same time providing solutions to our clients, operating safely and with integrity, preserving the environment and caring for our employees and the communities in which we have the privilege to operate. We help our clients gain access to today's energy resources while preserving the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Every three years, CGG takes a fresh look at its approach to sustainable development (SD) in order to identify the most important success factors in achieving sustainable performance in our business. We hope to improve our transparency and accountability SD issues by identifying the most pertinent themes to our business and stakeholders.

Our analysis is based on a Sustainable Development materiality study. Our references are the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the French non-financial reporting regulatory framework. We carry out a broad-based internal consultation with CGG executives, managers, staff and social partners and an external consultation with third-party stakeholders including clients, investors, an NGO and our industry association. The consultations are designed to identify SD issues and themes that are most pertinent to CGG. The chart below gives an indication of the sustainability themes considered most important to our business for the timeframe 2016-2018.

Materiality 2016 Download the full size image,
Download the full size image of major issues/themes.

Using the Results

We work closely with Business Lines, HR teams and Group R&D to foster innovation and continue strengthening CGG's capacity to deliver sustainable services and equipment. The results of the materiality study provide an important foundation for developing a focused SD strategy. Based on the study and on ongoing consultations with our stakeholders, we have focused our efforts on the following five major themes:

Our People

  • Ensuring the Health, Safety and Security of our employees and subcontracted employees, further protected by our strict adherence to fundamental rights and principles at work
  • Remaining an attractive and responsible employer in a difficult business cycle
  • Fighting corruption in any form so that all our operations are conducted with integrity


  • Managing community relations in the areas where we operate so as to avoid or mitigate potential detrimental impacts on their activity and our operations
  • Striving to further local economic and social benefits (local content) through our recruitment, training and purchasing strategies

Subcontractor Management

Managing subcontractors which are within our prevailing influence and rigorously selecting them to ensure that they are prepared to meet our HSE and SD standards:

  • Establishing the level of induction, training and supervision required
  • Implementing measures and audits to assure that subcontractors adhere to our anti-corruption standards expectations, notably through the respect of our Business Code of Conduct and Supplier Code of Conduct (PDF).


Tackling the tremendous Improved Oil Recovery opportunity so as to contribute to indirect environmental and social benefits: innovations in Geoscience are critical to better image the subsurface, optimize field development and achieve more efficient oil and gas production; this will have a positive impact on the availability of resources for future generations.

Sustainability Governance

CGG has implemented governance structures and initiatives to ensure that our ethics, codes and standards are widely adhered to throughout the organization.

While HSE and SD are the ultimate responsibility of line management, CGG employs HSE professionals in every Business Line and at a corporate support level to support its HSE-Operating Management System.

Board HSE & Sustainable Development Committee

Four Board members

Executive Leadership Committee

Ten Senior Executive members, including CEO and EVP HSE & SD

Sustainable Development Committee

Six members: COO/SEVP Equipment, EVP GOE, Internal Audit,Risk Management,HSE & SD, EVP HR, EVP Strategy and Diversification,  SVP Communications, VP Environment & SD

HSE & Sustainable Development Community

The Sustainable Development Committee pilots the SD program and reports on progress made to the Executive Leadership  Committee and the Board HSE & SD Committee. Periodic management reviews are held at Business Line, Executive Leadership Committee and Board HSE & SD Committee levels to ensure continual improvement. They identify areas for improvement and the corrective measures to be applied, and finally ensure that adequate resources are available to achieve the expected results.

Encouraging and recognizing excellence

In 2014, CGG launched the Care+Protect award program. Click here to learn more about this annual program which recognizes and rewards teams which have fostered an innovation or excellence in HSE and SD.

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