Managed Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

CGG now offers cloud-based data management, along with more flexible data storage at lower cost for companies that want to reduce the complexity of managing their infrastructure. CGG selected Microsoft Azure as its new platform to host a range of data applications and services for clients, and as a center for data storage.  The new platform offers several important advantages for CGG clients.

Managed virtual environment

Specified and managed by CGG, the environment is based on the latest technology from Microsoft, a company committed to ongoing investment in the Azure service. 

Flexible and scalable 

Azure’s “pay for what you use” environment means that the domain can be changed and scaled to meet client needs and changing business demands. CAPEX budget approval is no longer needed. Ordering or implementation timescales and other delays typical with IT hardware projects are avoided. 


Three copies of the data are stored within the data center so if one copy is corrupted, two more are available. This protects the data and improves speed of access. This resilience is significantly greater than typically offered by traditional data centers owned by clients or 3rd parties.


Three copies are stored at another Azure data center at least 500 km away. CGG holds a copy of the application setup on its own servers, enabling speedy recovery if a major incident occurs.

Additional redundancy is not needed when a client stores a data copy for backup purposes with CGG, this reduces the cost even further.


Azure hosts all of Microsoft’s products and services and well as those of its business and consumer clients.

The security is based on two principles:

  • Trustworthy environment

  • Assume a breach

The Trustworthy environment is based on decades of hosting and storing data securely by one of the world’s largest IT companies. This is supported by adherence to certain industry and government standards. Firewalls, 24-hour monitoring, ethical hackers and a range of proactive services constantly improve and monitor security. Attacks trigger a forensic process, irrespective of whether a breach occurs.

A “Sony style” hacking incident could have catastrophic consequences to Microsoft.  Thus, security paramount to Microsoft’s business, and their commitment and strong investment creates a trustworthy environment.

Microsoft Azure IaaS

CGG uses the IaaS product from Azure. This means that CGG creates its own Virtual Machine environment to which Microsoft engineers have access sufficient only for required support and maintenance, and all such work and access is logged and reported. Microsoft engineers have no access to clients’ data or applications. 

The environment is both secure and private. Data is accessed with only permission through the application, and only the CGG data management technology team and the client have access to the application. 

CGG and the Cloud

The cloud provides significant opportunities include reliable security, fewer delays, and greater flexibility.  

Data audit, clean-up and QC projects can use the cloud, and then data can be moved back to the client’s chosen environment. This significantly reduces the costs and timescale associated with such projects. 

The future is even brighter. CGG is tackling a range of big data and analytics projects aimed at automating the cataloging of E&P data, both structured and unstructured. This will enable even more advanced analytics on clients’ full data sets.

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