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E&P data requires significant investment to collect, and can often not be replaced if corrupted or lost. The data retains significant value not just because of the cost of replacement, but also its potential value in the market and use in valuing hydrocarbon reserves, and supporting future investment decisions.

In managing E&P data, CGG is protecting and securing one of the most valuable assets any O&G company has."

Creating the right physical or digital environment, managed by the right people and technology, is a key reason so many O&G companies choose CGG as their data storage partner. E&P data has value measured in decades, not years, and requires management by a team of dedicated E&P specialists who understand the value of the data.

Data storage is just the first step to releasing the value in physical data, CGG offers a complete range of services focused on improving the quality, richness and speed of access to the data.

  • Physical document storage
  • Digital records storage
  • Core management
  • Tape management
  • Oil sample storage

Our locations worldwide

CGG offers a global service from our operational centers backed by 70 office locations. A complete service offering quality, expertise and innovation in managing E&P data.

Schulenburg, USA

The center of core storage for CGG, currently under further development with the building of a new laboratory and the 23rd warehouse on the site. With a team expert in handling all types of core and samples including unconventional, it is no wonder this site continues to grow, housing over one million cubic feet of material.

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Houston, USA

The site not only stores data assets and tapes, it also plays host to the new tape transcription facility. This represents significant investment in people, technology and facilities, enabling CGG to offer the complete range of data services to our clients.

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Houston Warehouse

Calgary, Canada

Situated in the heartland of the Canadian oil industry, this site offers the complete range of CGG data management services to our clients, as well as playing host to a major part of the technology development and support team.

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Montfoort, Netherlands

Located in a beautiful part of the Netherlands, near the Dutch oil capital The Hague, the team delivers not only storage but the complete range of data management services to support our clients across central Europe. The team is dedicated to extracting the maximum value out of physical data as well as supporting technology clients.


Aberdeen, UK

Situated in the UK North Sea oil capital, the team supports oil & gas companies located in Aberdeen and the surrounding area. The facilities store physical documents, cores and tapes and include tape transcription capabilities.

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Mumbai, India

A small storage facility but an office packed with knowledge, expertise and experience that supports the global delivery of CGG data management solutions. The team supports technology development and the delivery of other data services.

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Perth, Australia

This local team of E&P experts offers a complete range of data solutions alongside physical storage facilities and a tape transcription shop.


Stavanger, Norway

The newest operational center serving the Norwegian Government and the operators in delivering and managing the National Data Repository. But this is only the start of what the team can deliver in support of our clients in Norway.


North Wales, UK

Conwy isn't the obvious location for an operational center, but North Wales is host to over 300 CGG staff and staff of other oil & gas services companies. The facilities are amongst the largest in CGG, delivering the complete range of data services as well as hosting the rest of the technology team.

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North Wales
Data Management - Tape Management

Tape Management

Re-master your legacy seismic data using our fast expertise for tape transcription.

Data Management - Data Audit and Clean Up

Data Audit & Clean Up

Data Management budgets, in a time of reduced oil prices, are being challenged and resources stretched.

Data Management - Managed Cloud Storage

Managed Cloud Storage

The significant opportunity the cloud offers enable us to offer services to clients previously not possible.



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