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An overview of the operations and services from Lane Stecyk the Operational Manager for our Calgary facility.

CGG operation is one of the most experienced shops in Calgary with close to 30 years in the Seismic industry. We are the leading provider of data storage, data reproduction, and data management solutions to the energy industry. CGG's managed digital storage solution is a complete and accurate "virtual" repository which is available 24/7/365, clients can download their data locally or to an approved third party location, our solution makes what was previously complex a simple point and click process. Our highly secure, completely replicated data centers provide our customers the peace of mind that their data is always protected and accessible.

Equipped with the necessary software and hardware to make it happen, our team strives to stay on top of current technologies while maintaining an intimate understanding and working relationship with the technology of the past. In having a top notch customer service team and very experienced production staff, we also have the ability to read all media types from the earliest analog tapes to the latest 3592 technology. We have specialized equipment and personnel which permits us to handle the following types of problems encountered frequently with legacy media: Stiction affected tapes, Parity errors and Tape skew to mention a few. Our advanced quality control tools ensure the trace data is converted properly and all header information fully populated. Our capabilities include paper, microfilm and microfiche.

As with all CGG services, a very high quality control process is in place to ensure resulting image data is clear and readily useable. We also offer a specialized service in 3D cutouts of Seismic data; both surface and subsurface outputs are available. Our team is committed to troubleshooting any problems that might arise, and while our services are expanding, CGG still offers the quick, efficient, and personal support that you would expect from a smaller company.

We offer customer support, data transcription, document imaging and cataloging through our in-depth knowledge and experience in the field. Not only can we deal with all variations of Seismic data formats, we also can store everything from core samples to corporate records in our newly built warehouse which has 35,000 square feet of space. The warehouse is dry, dust free, secure, fire protected, heated, air conditioned and or dehumidified.

Data Management - Tape Management

Tape Management

Re-master your legacy seismic data using our fast expertise for tape transcription.

Data Management - PleXus


PleXus is a new generation software platform designed to support the complexities of E&P data governance and management.

Data Management - Formation Description Logs

Formation Description Logs

Maximize your well intelligence. Use our expert petrophysicists for the most accurate analysis of well lithology, porosity and fluids.



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