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Mumbai Office

Rajaram Shetti is our Data Conditioning Production Head working from India. Here is his overview of the facility and the workforce in the Mumbai Office.

CGG has had an operational center in India since 2004, offering a wide set of services in support of the wider business.

In 2013 the team moved into the new CGG offices in Mumbai which further enhanced their role within data management, and their integration into the wider CGG. The move has enabled the team to promote and support the range of products and services offered locally and locally.

The focus of the team is to:

  • Understand the needs of the customer and provide enriched solutions within an agreed time frame.

  • To provide cost-effective, integrated E&P data solutions, delivered according to our established high standards of quality.

  • To set the standard in terms of quality and procedures.

HSE is an essential component of our operations and has just as equal importance as other business objectives. The team and management are committed to, and are proactively involved in, meeting the expectations of our customers, employees and other stakeholders.

The key elements of the Mumbai team and the keys to our success are:

  • Teamwork

  • Communication

  • Project Planning

  • Implementing and Following Procedures

  • Commitment

  • Time Management

We currently provide a highly competent, well-trained workforce of 27 staff and are utilizing the full potential of the size and skills of the team. A focus on training to develop opportunities of our employees and to increase access to knowledge and expertise in our business line, is a crucial part of our objectives.

One of the center's key strengths is the ability to sustain and deliver multiple projects for multiple clients across a complete range of services – well log digitizing, processing, data clean up, tape re-mastering, technology development.

Specialized services are provided for Formation Description Logs, with work on related products including core analysis, special core analysis, deviation, check shot and pressure databases.

We also work to create new databases providing fundamental information of the well borehole, abstracting information from geologic reports, well reports, completion logs and well logs.

Data Management - Tape Management

Tape Management

Re-master your legacy seismic data using our fast expertise for tape transcription.

Data Management - PleXus


PleXus is a new generation software platform designed to support the complexities of E&P data governance and management.

Data Management - Formation Description Logs

Formation Description Logs

Maximize your well intelligence. Use our expert petrophysicists for the most accurate analysis of well lithology, porosity and fluids.



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Sustainability - Sustainable Development Report 2013


In 2014, CGG published its second Sustainable Development report as its 6th Communication on Progress.



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