North Wales, UK

Conwy Warehouse

Daryl Cooper, UK Operations Manager describes the range of services and facilities available in North Wales.

CGG Data Management Services operate a number of facilities in North Wales. Our primary facility is on the edge of Snowdonia national park in the beautiful castle town of Conwy. Data Storage, Data Services, Data Technology, and Training are centered here with a highly skilled team of dedicated personnel.

We operate two warehouses in Anglesey, the first is in Menai Bridge and the second in the heart of Anglesey in Llangefni. We have storage capacity for 552K cu/ft of data spread across the three facilities, offering a mix of storage environments to cater for all our client’s needs. Robertson are closely located two miles away in Llandudno, providing comprehensive solutions to geophysical and geological complexities encountered during the exploration and production of the Earth’s natural resources.

Data Storage (E&P and Geological)

Configured with the latest racking, the units are equipped with active, deep and special environment storage. Archive, geological and magnetic media (Seismic/Well/Backup) are all stored on behalf of our clients.

Geological & Data Viewing Room

A spacious viewing room with the capacity to lay out a substantial amount of core. The room is ideally situated to allow for the smooth transfer of core direct from the warehouse.

Cataloguing/Indexing Metadata

Metadata capture, cleanup and enhancement are all available to our clients using our team of highly experienced personnel. The importance of ensuring data is accurately captured and indexed is crucial to the end user for ensuring future access.

Document Scanning

Utilizing Kodak i620 fast feed scanners and OCE large format scanners the unit is geared to handle ad-hoc requests at short notice with fast turnarounds. CGG operates the same hardware and software across the business which allows equipment and personnel to be transferred regionally depending on the work requirement.

Seismic Data Transformation

  • Core function is vectorizing seismic from scanned hardcopy

  • Aim is to be the market leader

  • Flexibility to include migration and navigation loading (including digitizing of the navigation data)

Well Data Transformation

  • Log Digitizing - Creating digital wireline curves from scanned images. Files are created in our processing center which has a capacity of handling in excess of 1 million curve feet per week. All project management and QC is carried out in the UK by staff that have approximately 20 years' industry experience.

  • Log Processing - Joining of the individual digital log runs which have either been digitized or are from tape data and have been verified against the log images. Environment and borehole corrections are applied and a full audit trail document is created. CGG has the capacity to output 100 wells per month.

  • Formation Description Logs - Provides an analysis of the digital curves and shows the potential of the reservoir using all available data, log, core, cuttings and fluid information.

  • CGG are data release agents for UK offshore and onshore well data. Data sets can be loaded into Petrel projects if required.

  • CGG have created a number of products from the UK well data such are Core Analysis Database, Deviation, Checkshot, Pressure Database, Velocity and Gas and Formation Database.

Data Management - Tape Management

Tape Management

Re-master your legacy seismic data using our fast expertise for tape transcription.

Data Management - PleXus


PleXus is a new generation software platform designed to support the complexities of E&P data governance and management.

Data Management - UKCS Data


Fully processed and digitized data ready to load into any software application.



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In 2014, CGG published its second Sustainable Development report as its 6th Communication on Progress.



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