Data Services

Data Services

As the complete data management partner, CGG offers a comprehensive range of services covering all aspects of E&P data management. Outlined below are some of the services we offer, this is not a comprehensive list so please enquire for details on the rest of our services as required. All of the CGG data services are available globally through our operational centers.

Data Services

Whatever the age, format or source, E&P data does not stay static. Formats change, technology moves on, storage methods improve and change. CGG data services solves this problem by offering a complete range of services delivered by expert and experienced staff backed up by proven technology and mature processes.

Whether managing tapes, scanning documents, cataloging a data set, cleaning up historic data, or the range of other requirements. CGG has a solution. CGG data services are not just about physical data, there is a complete range of solutions to support the wealth and volume of digital data stored online.

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Data Storage

Data Storage

E&P data requires significant investment to collect and replace corrupted or lost data. The data retains significant value not just because of the cost of replacement, but also its potential value in the market and use in valuing hydrocarbon reserves, supporting future investment.

Creating the right physical or digital environment, managed by the right people and technology is the key reason so many O&G companies choose CGG as their data management partner.

Supported by the latest data management portal in PleXus, CGG secures the data for the long-term and enables the user to find the data they want. Whatever the type of E&P data, CGG has a solution delivered to the desktop.

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Well Services

With experience in data from across the globe CGG can bring expertise to bear on creating highly relevant and critical information from previously unusable data.

Well data (wireline logs, deviation surveys, checkshot and operator tops) is thoroughly quality controlled and assured to the highest levels to guarantee compatibility with all industry-standard interpretation software.

Digital well logs can be interpreted to provide the customer with a considered appraisal of lithology, porosity fluid saturation and zones.

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Well Databases

Seismic Services

Specializing in transforming seemingly unusable data into industry-standard digital format having substantially more versatility than the original hard copy. This then gives the option of more efficient methods of analysis as well as the application of modern processing techniques.

CGG employs a highly experienced team of geoscientists, including staff with over 15 years’ experience in paper to digital conversion and seismic processing. From extensive licensing rounds to single line projects, CGG is able to provide a fast turnaround, providing high quality data ready for analysis.

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Data Management - Aberdeen


Situated in the UK North Sea oil capital, the team supports oil & gas companies located in Aberdeen and the surrounding area.

Data Management - Data Audit and Clean Up

Data Audit & Clean Up

Data Management budgets, in a time of reduced oil prices, are being challenged and resources stretched.

Data Management - Formation Description Logs

Formation Description Logs

Maximize your well intelligence. Use our expert petrophysicists for the most accurate analysis of well lithology, porosity and fluids.



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