Data Storage

Data Storage

E&P data is at the center of decision making by O&G companies. The key to storing E&P data whether physical or digital is availability and quality. Making the data available at the point and time of need is essential, and the quality of the data crucial. CGG as a leading Geoscience company understands the data, understands its importance in the E&P process and understands its value. CGG brings together experienced people, mature processes and leading technology to offer complete storage solutions for all our clients that reflects this understanding.

Digital Storage

CGG now offers cloud-based data management, along with more flexible data storage at lower cost for companies that want to reduce the complexity of managing their infrastructure.

CGG selected Microsoft Azure as its new platform to host a range of data applications and services for clients, and as a center for data storage. Specified and managed by CGG, the environment is based on the latest technology from Microsoft, a company committed to ongoing investment in the Azure service.

Azure’s “pay for what you use” environment means that the domain can be changed and scaled to meet client needs and changing business demands. CAPEX budget approval is no longer needed.

Security is based on two principles:

  • Trustworthy environment
  • Assume a breach

The Trustworthy environment is based on decades of hosting and storing data securely by one of the world’s largest IT companies. This is supported by adherence to certain industry and government standards. Firewalls, 24- hour monitoring, ethical hackers and a range of proactive services constantly improve and monitor security. Attacks trigger a forensic process, irrespective of whether a breach occurs.

Physical Storage

The storing of E&P data means protecting and securing one of the most valuable assets any O&G company has.

Creating the right physical, managed by the right people and technology is the key reason so many O&G companies choose CGG as their data management partner.

E&P data requires significant investment to collect and can often not be replaced if corrupted or lost. The data retains significant value not just because of the cost of replacement, but also its potential value in the market and use in valuing hydrocarbon reserves, and supporting future investment.

Supported by the latest data management portal in PleXus, CGG not only secures the data for the long-term but also enables the user to find the data they want and deliver to the desktop. Whatever the type of E&P data, CGG has a solution. 

CGG offers a range of environments in support of different types of data, to meet varying client requirements. Fire suppression, special environments offering humidity control. Tape pods are among the variety of storage environments available.

Core Storage

CGG’s core and cutting storage site has been in operation for almost 40 years, located in Schulenburg. The 32-acre site currently has 25 warehouses which hold a total of 2.5 million boxes of cores and cuttings from 89 different oil and gas companies based both local and internationally.

Whilst Schulenburg is not the only CGG operational center storing core, it is our biggest. The primary activities carried out are core and cutting storage, mud sample preparation and fluid inclusion services.

Alongside our other core storage locations a range of further services are available, including:

Core and Cutting Storage

Precise and organized storage of well cores and cuttings.

Drying and Boxing Services

Air-dry wet cutting samples from the rig and box them in depth order.

Fluid Inclusion Services

Load and capture samples from specified depths to tray data for fluid inclusion testing.

Environmental Sample Disposal

Turnkey operation of environmental sample disposal using CGG approved third party vendors for testing and disposal.

Box Level Cataloging

We catalog all cores and cuttings at a box level inventory, capturing as much data as possible from the boxes or manifest/transmittal we receive.

Core Viewing

Core viewing room can hold 645 linear foot of core at one viewing but can have additional data ready for larger viewings with little or no downtime for setup.

Oil Sample Storage

How to get the most out of previously acquired PVT data; reducing time, cost and resource associated with new analyses. CGG are the sole repository and release agents for tested oils, gas and associated data from UKCS wells. This combined with the fact we are DRA for all UKCS well data, puts us in the unique position to provide UKCS Oil Samples and Fluid Analysis Data.

  • Exploration Geologists and Petroleum Geochemistry Consultants with Oil Samples to run geochemical analysis in areas of interest to assist in oil to source rock/oil to oil and basin modelling.
  • Reservoir and Petroleum Engineers with Fluid analysis data to model oil, gas and condensate volumes and compositions over the expected production history of a field, and predict reservoir performance, to enable them to form the basis of reservoir simulations, recovery estimates, well completion and facility design and costs.

Facts about the data & our solution:

  • Oil samples and Associated data
  • Well information and Test Report
  • UK Oil Repository Workflow Process
  • Use of Target Database to identify released oil samples
  • Single UK Oils Master database
  • Geochemical Information Repository
  • PVT Data
Data Management - Calgary


Situated in the heartland of the Canadian oil industry, this site offers the complete range of data management services to our clients.

Data Management - Data Audit and Clean Up

Data Audit & Clean Up

Data Management budgets, in a time of reduced oil prices, are being challenged and resources stretched.

Data Management - Formation Description Logs

Formation Description Logs

Maximize your well intelligence. Use our expert petrophysicists for the most accurate analysis of well lithology, porosity and fluids.



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