Metadata is the key to searching, viewing and retrieving data. Without metadata, data is at best hard to find and at worst will be lost forever. The cost associated with the acquisition of E&P data is significant and legacy data can be irreplaceable. But also, the cost associated with storing duplicate copies of the same documents can be significant.

A good quality and accurate catalog allows the owner to make informed and cost-effective decisions based on a thorough knowledge and understanding of their assets. They can search, view and order their data with confidence.

CGG offers a complete cataloging service, adding value to client catalogs by ensuring the accuracy of metadata. We have decades of experience and have undertaken extensive cataloging projects for a range of clients, from adding a few hundred records to an existing client catalog to extensive re-cataloging projects involving adding and editing millions of records.

We will undertake stand-alone cataloging projects or will manage complete datasets on behalf of a client. Our service is tailored to the requirements of each client; whether it is the need to categorize a volume of stored data, physical or digital, or the need to fully catalog the dataset for use in a data management application, CGG has the processes, people and technology to help.

With decades of experience in cataloging all types of data, in all sorts of formats, and in all parts of the world, CGG can provide the best and most cost-effective solution.


We can process in excess of 800,000 curve feet of data per week, giving our customers rapid turnaround as well as a high quality product. With experience in data from across the globe we can bring our expertise to bear on creating highly relevant and critical information from previously unusable data.

Our well data is thoroughly quality controlled and assured to the highest levels to guarantee compatibility with all industry-standard interpretation software.

Well data includes:

  • Well logs
  • Deviation Surveys
  • Checkshot and operator tops

Our digital well logs can also be interpreted to provide the customer with a considered appraisal of lithology, porosity fluid saturation and zones.


Data is the most significant contributor to understanding the subsurface, for many O&G companies much of this data is still in hard copy format. Scanning hard copy data and digitizing makes the data available to end users at their point of need, on their desktop.

The focus of CGG when embarking on scanning projects is to understand and focus on the end user and there requirements. Simply scanning a document is of little value if the work is not completed to the standard required of the E&P team. Poor quality scanned documents are of little use. The CGG team is an experienced team who only undertake work on E&P data, they understand not only the documents but importantly the images.

The CGG approach recognizes the need to protect the documents through the scanning process. The scanning processes cover the preparation of documents and the returning of documents to storage in the condition they left, or better.

Specializing in E&P images the CGG QC processes followed by the global team, coupled with the local expertise, results in high quality scanned images. Whether they are seismic images, well log images or maps, the CGG team has the expertise and experience to make sure the scanned version is of the best possible quality. Where it is required the scanned image can be further enhanced by the CGG seismic vectorising team or the well log team.

Tape Transcription

CGG operates one of the largest tape transcription services globally dedicated to the O&G industry, coupled with the expertise and experience of a leading Geoscience company. Whether the requirement is to send the tapes to one of our operational centers or to have an in-house tape transcription capability CGG has the technology, expertise and experience to deliver a first class solution. CGG also offers the opportunity to host data in near-line or online environments, offering a range of solution dedicated to meeting client requirements and budgets.

  • Duplicating and copying
  • Quality and experience 
  • Reformatting legacy data
  • Reporting and metadata management
  • Data recovery
  • 3590 Audits
  • Multiple media 

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