Data Technology and Solutions

Technology and Solutions

Data management technology is key to organizing, securing, storing and retrieving information. With E&P data, the data model and meta data structure takes on even greater importance. The E&P data is a significant asset for O&G companies - technology solutions built by people who understand E&P data is important in realizing its real value.

CGG has developed a range of technology solutions aimed at supporting data managers in oil & gas companies, whatever the size and scope of the requirement. Solutions have also been developed, to meet the needs of national regulatory organizations, and those seeking a data room to support license rounds, or the sale of E&P data assets.


PleXus is a new generation platform designed to support the complexities of data governance and management, while offering an intuitive and easy-to-use interface to end users.

Focusing on the management of E&P data, Plexus is designed to manage a variety of data, formats, standards and data sources.

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The Trango application provides a powerful data engine capable of managing, and giving efficient and easy access to, E&P data.

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Akon is a total solution to support National Data Repositories and Data Management. Encompassing all aspects required for a successful data management including technology, data preparation and loading, data storage and data management and governance.

Akon is a solution based on bringing people, process and technology together to deliver a total, flexible and scalable solution to meet our client’s requirements. Information on Akon National Data Repositories available on request.

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Digital Storage - Azure

Digital Storage

CGG Managed Storage is available to support data management technology solutions, supporting the client in reducing costs, while offering a flexible and scalable service.

In partnership with Microsoft Azure CGG Managed Storage offers flexible, scalable, low cost storage hosted in a secure environment managed by our in-house technology team.

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Gismo is a comprehensive seismic data management application, incorporating the tools and processes to support the needs of the E&P team. More information is coming soon and on request.

Data Management - Aberdeen


Situated in the UK North Sea oil capital, the team supports oil & gas companies located in Aberdeen and the surrounding area.

Data Management - Data Audit and Clean Up

Data Audit & Clean Up

Data Management budgets, in a time of reduced oil prices, are being challenged and resources stretched.

Data Management - Managed Cloud Storage

Managed Cloud Storage

The significant opportunity the cloud offers enable us to offer services to clients previously not possible.