Akon is designed to meet the challenges faced by E&P data management today. Constrained budgets, reducing resources alongside increasing data from a variety of sources, in many different formats increases the challenge for data managers. High quality data is not a nice to have but a necessity when making E&P decisions. Akon sorts through the complexity of data and delivers the information right to the point of need, giving access to users via an ESRI ArcGIS interface.

Akon is the way forward for Data Management

Based on a PPDM data model, Akon offers consistent and quality data to support the E&P team. Data managers can rely on the data whether it’s for the E&P team, to value assets, for regulatory input or as part of M&A activity.

Taking advantage of the latest cloud technology making it simple and fast to implement. Hosting in the cloud enables real time upgrades, more effective support and maintenance, leading to improved service for the client, all in a highly secure environment.

Akon Map

Akon is a G&G system of record and data management solution allowing simple, scalable access to our enterprise level data management application suite. It enables: search, ordering, reporting, auditing, lineage, entitlements, and tracks all digital and physical data, all via the online interface. Akon also supports integrated data sales, and gives access to the complete range of CGG data services from tape remediation to petrophysical analytics and everything in between.

Working with physical and digital data Akon is supported by established processes and QC procedures, backed by a team and technology that is both flexible and scalable, ready to meet changing business demands.

Akon is designed and developed to support E&P data management in today’s changing world, it reduces the operational costs associated with data management by streamlining the workflow for data related  services, as well as bringing consistency and quality in the data.

Data Management - Aberdeen


Situated in the UK North Sea oil capital, the team supports oil & gas companies located in Aberdeen and the surrounding area.

Data Management - PleXus


PleXus is a new generation software platform designed to support the complexities of E&P data governance and management.

Data Management - Managed Cloud Storage

Managed Cloud Storage

The significant opportunity the cloud offers enable us to offer services to clients previously not possible.