PleXus is a new generation platform designed to support the complexities of E&P data governance and management. Data managers face a growing mountain of data from multiple disciplines in a range of formats, with an array of possible data standards, housed in a variety of Data Models.

PleXus has been developed to be the Data Manager’s portal to this mess of disparate data. Whether its exploration data, production data, newly acquired data, legacy data or data from M&A activity, the PleXus platform will make it accessible when and where it’s needed.

An existing Data Model and Meta Data can be loaded into PleXus, or a new Data Model and new Meta Data created, or a mixture of both.

PleXus is capable of adapting to meet the requirements of the data governance rules and standards established by the Data Manager, and support the creation of quality meta data.

Designed to manage multiple sources of data with different data models, PleXus is single portal capable of giving access to some or all the data, whether it’s physical, digital, core or oil samples. It can even manage commercial and HR data, basically PleXus can manage all your data.

Users can access the data via the map or text search interfaces, both are intuitive and easy to use, even for occasional users. To make it even more accessible PleXus can interface into ESRI ArcGIS or other internal systems, enabling users to access the data from the interfaces they use everyday.

Giving end users access to E&P data, whatever the source, format or location, can be achieved not as a result of a complex and long running document & content management project but by implementing a flexible and scalable PleXus platform.

Whether delivered as an online service or as an enterprise installation, PleXus is the platform that can solve the data management nightmare, quickly, efficiently and without a drain on internal resources.

Backed by the CGG team of E&P data experts, data analysts, business analysts, technology experts and consultants. PleXus is not just a data management application; it is a complete solution to the data management headache, a single portal to access your entire mountain of data.

Key features include:

  • Customizable or bespoke data model
  • Meta data management
  • Map interface
  • Customizable data entry screens
  • Report designer
  • Interface to internal applications
  • Export function for metadata
  • Permissions & entitlements
  • Unlimited users
  • Multiple data sources
  • Multiple document formats
  • SEGY & LAS viewer
  • Range of data management support options
  • Bulk metadata loading
  • Scalable online data storage
Data Management - Aberdeen


Situated in the UK North Sea oil capital, the team supports oil & gas companies located in Aberdeen and the surrounding area.

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