Digitalization & Upcycling Services

Data Upcycling

For open, unfettered access to a complete, accurate and standard inventory of your data (legacy and current), CGG’s Smart Data Solutions offers complete end-to-end services with digitalization and upcycling.

Our digitalization services convert text, pictures, and sound into a digital form to help streamline how work gets done, transforming engagement and interaction and creating new (digital) streams. Upcycling enhances the value of digitalized E&P data by standardizing and consolidating format, structure and accessibility. 


Our team of E&P digitalization experts use specialized equipment and techniques to transform even the most low-quality hard copy into useable digital assets.  Our scanning processes integrate seamlessly into our transformation solutions, allowing scanned data assets to be run through optical character recognition (OCR) for later machine learning meta data extraction, vectorized or digitized to loadable SEGY, LAS or shapefile format standards for future use.

Tape Transcription

We offer transcription dedicated to the E&P industry—coupled with best-in-class processes, software and technical expertise—with our complete turnkey magnetic media copy service.  Spanning the full range of legacy media, this service includes full QC, reformatting, concatenation, stiction/damage recovery, and reporting and intelligent integration to a cloud-based system of record for long-term management of transcribed digital assets and associated metadata records.

Digitization, Vectorization

Hard copy seismic sections, maps and well logs are of high value and it is important that these assets are maintained in digital format to allow for data longevity and to optimize data usage and accessibility through the application of modern technologies and software. We specialize in scanning the data and transforming the large format hardcopy technical assets into modern-era seismic, well log, and geospatial formats to allow efficient methods of analysis as well as the application of modern processing techniques.

Seismic Vectorizing

Complete Seismic Vectorization giving our clientele total waveform reconstruction of the seismic data (VA/VA and wiggle display) assuring the dynamic range is maintained with all interpretation, mark-up blemishes and tears removed and poor splices corrected. All delivered in a SEGY format ready for reprocessing or loading to an interpretative application. 

Data Rationalization and Loading

A complete turnkey service offering organization and standardization of seismic, navigation and well data, combining audit, QC and verification of specified data fields of seismic, navigation and well data. Creating a final product offering; seamless integrated projects and contiguous area of interest data sets ready for in depth analysis.

Log Digitizing

Processing in excess of 800,000 curve feet of data per week, we provide rapid turnaround of high-quality well log products. Our well data is thoroughly quality controlled and assured to the highest levels to guarantee compatibility with all industry-standard interpretation software. Well data includes well logs, deviation surveys, and checkshot and operator tops.

Map Digitizing & Georeferencing

Specialized map digitization of geophysical, cultural and geographic data, including multiple data sheet integration; and geodetic standardization of disparate vintages. 


Data Management (new) - Record and Sample Management

Record & Sample Management

Access information quickly and efficiently with complete data storage and organization services, including physical (hard copy media), geological (core, cuttings, lithology), and fluid and gas management.

Data Management (new) - PleXus

PleXus Cloud-Based Data Management

Simplify the complexities of E&P data management with standardized data structures, entitlements and securities.

Data Management (new) - NDR Solutions

National Data Repositories

Take advantage of our experience and recognized international best practices for managing NDRs, such as Norway’s Diskos.

Data Management (new) - Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Minimize data infrastructure costs with a highly flexible, integrated data storage environment via CGG’s proprietary cloud infrastructure or Microsoft’s Azure.

Data Management (new) - Digitalization Services

Digitalization Services

Convert legacy or current text, pictures, and sound into easily accessible digital formats to help streamline workflows.

Data Management (new) - Consultancy & Outsourcing

Consultancy & Outsourcing

Gain more insight into effective data management with our experienced professionals, available for short-term or long-term consultation.