NDR Solutions

CDR and NDR Solutions

CGG has implemented and operated National Data Repositories (NDR) around the world since 2008.

CGG is the current database operator of Diskos - Norway's National Data Repository. Diskos is widely recognized as the first true NDR and referenced as an example of international best practice. Serving over 70 different companies and over 300 regular users, a core team of CGG experts together with project partners deliver a complete managed technology solution; an advanced, highly scalable and secure data center operation in which CGG manage the QC, loading, storing, sharing, and retrieval of geophysical survey (seismic and non-seismic), well, and production data.

In fact, each month, over 175 TB of new data is QC’ed and loaded. The Diskos users place over 1,000 data orders with a system average near 85 TB of downloads and distribution. Under CGG’s operatorship of Diskos, the data volumes have grown in a near exponential fashion, from 1PB to over 6.5PB in just 3 years and CGG anticipates a similar growth profile for future years of operation.

The business case for NDRs is as strong, if not stronger, than ever, and is CGG's driver to stay at the forefront of NDR evolution and automation, influencing acceptance and its wider geographic adoption. But we are not content to stop there. We see an exciting transformation taking place in our industry and are innovating our NDR solutions for this bright future.

For more information about Diskos, visit www.diskos.no

Data Management (new) - PleXus


A new-generation software platform designed to support the complexities of E&P data governance and management.

Data Management (new) - Trango


An efficient and easy-to-access petro-technical data management system.

Data Management (new) - Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Our cloud-based data services offer more flexible data storage at lower cost.