National Data Repository Services

CDR and NDR Solutions

Since 2008, CGG’s Smart Data Solutions has implemented and operated National Data Repositories (NDRs) around the world. Today we are innovating our NDR solutions to align with—and take full advantage of—the exciting technological and business paradigm-shift taking place in our industry, with machine learning and AI working integrally within consolidated bounds of new cloud services.  

As the current operator and facilitator of Diskos, Norway's National Data Repository, we have found a partner with whom to advance the technology, processes and procedures used to manage tremendous volumes of data—and shrinking turn-around timeline requirements in the industry.  Serving more than 70 different companies and over 300 regular users, a core team of CGG experts work with project partners to deliver a complete managed technology solution. 

Advanced, highly scalable and secure data center operations help CGG manage the organization, QC, loading, storage, sharing, and retrieval of geophysical survey (seismic and non-seismic), well, and production data across a private cloud infrastructure. Under Smart Data Solutions operatorship, the Diskos data volumes have grown in a near exponential fashion, from 1PB to over 7PB in just four years. CGG anticipates a similar growth profile for future years of operation.

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Data Management (new) - Record and Sample Management

Record & Sample Management

Access information quickly and efficiently with complete data storage and organization services, including physical (hard copy media), geological (core, cuttings, lithology), and fluid and gas management.

Data Management (new) - PleXus

PleXus Cloud-Based Data Management

Simplify the complexities of E&P data management with standardized data structures, entitlements and securities.

Data Management (new) - Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Minimize data infrastructure costs with a highly flexible, integrated data storage environment via CGG’s proprietary cloud infrastructure or Microsoft’s Azure.

Data Management (new) - Digitalization Services

Digitalization Services

Convert legacy or current text, pictures, and sound into easily accessible digital formats to help streamline workflows.

Data Management (new) - Consultancy & Outsourcing

Consultancy & Outsourcing

Gain more insight into effective data management with our experienced professionals, available for short-term or long-term consultation. 



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DMS - NDR white paper

Creating value from National Data Repositories

Find out how in our detailed white paper.

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