The Trango application suite provides you with an efficient and easy-to-access petro-technical data management system. This means you can access higher quality information from anywhere to make decisions quickly. The Trango suite gives you control with a single master metadata repository, regardless of data location. It enables: search, ordering, reporting, auditing, lineage, entitlements, and tracks all digital and physical data, all via the online interface. Trango also supports integrated data sales.

Web and desktop applications allow you to access the right data at any time, assured of its integrity and business rule compliance. You can access all of your E&P data for rapid analysis using E&P-modelled workflows. Flexible software and module choices customize your solution to match your own business needs. Improve efficiency through data loading and management tools built with extensive data manager input.


Trango includes metadata management modules tailored to a variety of physical and digital geoscience data types such as wells (e.g. cores, logs, scans, sample analyses), seismic (e.g. field, pre-stack and post-stack volumes plus paper sections, processing reports, tapes) and geological reports (e.g. hardcopies, DVDs, scans).

Users can capture detailed contract and partner information to facilitate compliance, while also tracking the inflow and outflow of physical data to fulfil work orders.

Trango facilitates data exchange between disparate systems. All modules conform to the integrity rules of the PPDM industry standard, while also connecting with third-party applications such as physical warehouses, Electronic Document Management Systems and electronic storage systems such as OpenSpirit® and ESRI®. Trango reduces the operational costs associated with data management by streamlining the workflow for data related services, as well as bringing consistency and quality in the data.

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