Government and Regulator Solutions

Government and Regulator Solutions

National Data Repositories (NDR)

The natural resources of a country are often one of its greatest sources of income and long term sustainability. To protect and maximize the value of these resources governments around the world are seeking to collect, quantify and broker data. This is usually achieved through the creation of a national data repository. CGG enables governments to achieve this long term strategic goal through the application of specialist domain knowledge and extensive experience in this role. 

A national data repository can deliver many benefits, but initiating, building and operating an NDR may be a complex process with fiscal, legal and technical implications.

Since 1987, CGG has provided data management consultancy and services to a global customer base comprising leading commercial organizations and national governments. These services have included comprehensive NDR solutions encompassing training, consultancy, physical and digital storage, web hosting and single or multiple data types. 

We also offer training courses to help customers define their NDR strategy. Each course provides participants with the skills to develop and implement an NDR road map. 

Licence Round Management

Achieving success during a licensing round requires the correct balance of technical, legal and fiscal considerations, and vigorous, trouble-free promotion of the opportunities. CGG can help at every stage of the process.

Our services include:

  • Strategic guidance
  • Market research and bench marking
  • Legal, contractual and fiscal terms and conditions
  • Preparation of data packages
  • Technical and economic case preparation
  • Authorship of bid documentation
  • Design, publication and web hosting of reports, brochures and data
  • Organisation and hosting of roadshows and events
  • Advice during bid evaluation and negotiation

CGG has nearly 30 years’ experience of working with national oil corporations and government ministries from all parts of the world. We apply all that we have learnt throughout this period to help our customers to achieve their goals. Our one-week course for customers who want an overview of the licensing process provides an introduction to the key technical, legal, contractual and fiscal components of round promotion.

Data Management - Data Audit and Clean Up

Data Audit & Clean Up

Data Management budgets, in a time of reduced oil prices, are being challenged and resources stretched.

Data Management - Managed Cloud Storage

Managed Cloud Storage

The significant opportunity the cloud offers enable us to offer services to clients previously not possible.

Data Management - PleXus


PleXus is a new generation software platform designed to support the complexities of E&P data governance and management.



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