Record and Sample Management

Record and Sample Management

E&P data are at the center of decision making. The keys to storing E&P data are availability and quality. Making data available at the point and time of need is essential, and the quality of the data crucial. CGG, as a leading geoscience company, understands data, understands the importance in the E&P process and understands the value. We bring together experienced people, mature processes and leading technology to offer complete storage solutions that reflects this understanding.

Physical Storage

E&P data require significant investment to collect, and are usually irreplacable if corrupted or lost. Data retain significant value not just because of the cost of replacement, but also potential market value, use in valuing hydrocarbon reserves, and supporting future investment decisions.

Supported by the latest data management technologies, CGG not only secures the data for the long-term but also enables the user to find the data they want and deliver to their desktop. Whatever the type of E&P data, CGG has a solution. 

CGG offers a range of environments in support of different types of data, to meet varying client requirements, such as fire suppression, humidity control and tape pods.

Core and Cutting Storage

CGG’s core and cutting storage has been in operation for almost 40 years. We currently hold over 2.5 million boxes of cores and cuttings from over 80 different oil and gas companies. Our precise and organized storage of well cores and cuttings catalogs at a box level inventory, capturing as much data as possible from the boxes or manifest/transmittal we receive.

We also offer a range of related services:

  • Air-dry wet cutting samples from the rig and box them in depth order
  • Load and capture samples from specified depths to tray data for fluid inclusion testing
  • Environmentally friendly sample disposal using CGG-approved third party vendors
  • Host core viewing sessions

In managing E&P data, CGG is protecting and securing one
of the most valuable assets any O&G company has.

Data Management (new) - Petrotechnical Staff Outsourcing

Petrotechnical Staff Outsourcing

Strengthen your team with a short-term or long-term assignment of expert CGG data management staff.

Data Management (new) - Our Locations

Our Locations

We offer global data management coverage from our network of operational centers located all around the world.

Data Management (new) - Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Our cloud-based data services offer more flexible data storage at lower cost.