Our Locations

Our Locations

Creating the right physical or digital environment, managed by the right people and technology, is a key reason so many companies choose CGG as their data storage partner. E&P data have value measured in decades, not years, and require management by a team of dedicated specialists who understand the value of the data.

Our locations worldwide

From our network of operational centers and storage facilities, CGG offers a global data management service.

United Kingdom - North Wales hosts some of our largest data management facilities, while in Aberdeen we support locally the many North Sea operators with storage and tape transcription services.

United States - Schulenburg, Texas is our center for CGG's core storage, the site housing over one million cubic feet of material. We also offer storage and tape transcription facilities in Houston.

Canada - our Calgary facility is conveniently located right in the heartland of the Canadian oil industry.

The Netherlands - located near IJsselstein, from this facility we support our clients across central Europe.

Data Management (new) - Record and Sample Management

Record & Sample Management

Access information quickly and efficiently with complete data storage and organization services, including physical (hard copy media), geological (core, cuttings, lithology), and fluid and gas management.

Data Management (new) - PleXus

PleXus Cloud-Based Data Management

Simplify the complexities of E&P data management with standardized data structures, entitlements and securities.

Data Management (new) - NDR Solutions

National Data Repositories

Take advantage of our experience and recognized international best practices for managing NDRs, such as Norway’s Diskos.

Data Management (new) - Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Minimize data infrastructure costs with a highly flexible, integrated data storage environment via CGG’s proprietary cloud infrastructure or Microsoft’s Azure.

Data Management (new) - Digitalization Services

Digitalization Services

Convert legacy or current text, pictures, and sound into easily accessible digital formats to help streamline workflows.

Data Management (new) - Consultancy & Outsourcing

Consultancy & Outsourcing

Gain more insight into effective data management with our experienced professionals, available for short-term or long-term consultation.