Petrotechnical Staff Outsourcing


Smart Data Solutions specialize in E&P technical data management and associated processes. We help our clients to effectively prepare, organize and manage their E&P data.


Our on-site services provide clients with cost-effective data management support around seismic, well, exploration and production data. We support both physical and electronic, proprietary and hosted. We offer long-term or short-term assignments where our staff can fulfill an integral part of your team.

Strengthen your team

Whether you need continual or immediate help with a project, we have the right level of support for majors and independents alike. Our skilled and experienced staff can deliver a wide range of services including:

  • Facility Management. Complete turn-key management of warehouse facilities, including personnel, software, computer systems and required tools/machinery.
  • Data Management Resources. Senior geophysical and geological technologists, technical administrators, junior data managers, warehouse indexers and laborers.
  • Data Loading. All data types, such as seismic traces, well logs, well headers, navigation, drilling and completion.
  • G&G Application Support. All major platforms, including Petrel, HampsonRussell, Jason, InsightEarth, PowerLog and VelPro.
  • Workflow Mapping and Process Improvement. Development of targeted data management workflows, designed to be efficient, ensure accuracy, mitigate risk and adhere to best practices.
  • Project Management. Expert guidance on tasks such as wide-scope legacy data digitalization, rationalization and taxonomy/ontology orientation.
  • Data Migration and Clean-up. Data transfer between application data-stores, validation, clean-up and QC.


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Data Management (new) - Record and Sample Management

Record and Sample Management

We bring together experienced people, mature processes and leading technology to offer complete storage solutions.

Data Management (new) - Data Upcycling

Data Upcycling

Upcycling refers to enhancing the value of data by changing its format, structure or accessibility.



GeoSoftware offers a comprehensive solution for your integrated geophysical, geological, petrophysical, rock physics and interpretation needs.