UKCS and Onshore Well Data

UKCS Onshore

The main question to be answered and a solution provided is, why spend money on acquiring more data when previously acquired data can be utilized? The utilization of legacy data can support planning, investment and reduce exploration risks.

How can value be exacted from the data by adding operational knowledge and business intelligence?"

  • As Data Release Agents for the UK Government, CGG holds all of the UKCS and onshore well data.

  • As release agents on behalf of the oil and gas authority, CCG has the ability to utilizing paper well logs and reports. All released data, exploration, production and development is compiled and standardized into ready to use data packages.

CGG are official Data Release Agents on behalf of DECC for:

  • Offshore well data

  • Onshore well data

  • 2D offshore seismic

Our high level of quality control means that the data you purchase will be fully processed and digitized and ready to load into any software application. Our processes ensure that data integrity can be proven.

Our data management team consists of a mixture of geologists, petrophysicists, engineers, geophysicists and business analysts, which enables the production of high quality dataset.

Value-added well data

Managing data is not simply about knowing what data is available, it is also about making sure the data is available is in a use-able format. When it comes to achieving a competitive advantage, CGG can support E&P companies. CGG can compile, extract and digitize data ready for use by E&P disciplines across the subsurface divisions.  All data can be formatted ready loadable into individual software applications.

CGG can provide:

  • Well headers

  • Deviation surveys

  • Checkshot surveys

  • Formation tops

  • Core header, analysis and description

Digital wireline interpretations

Formation Description Logs, Petrophysical Interpretation log for UKCS and Onshore wells

  • A thorough analysis of all the data is made.

  • Environmental corrections and depth-matching is done to give the best possible data.

  • The well is zoned into the relevant geological formations.

  • Each zone is carefully analyzed using all available data, log, core, cuttings and fluid information.

  • All outputs are thoroughly checked for accuracy and consistency.

  • Wireline data is delivered in a LAS format and is ready-loadable in to software packages.

  • CGG offers this service to compliment your in-house work and to free up geoscientists to devote their time to more profitable tasks.

CGG’s range of data products can support companies with the by providing access to, and usability of, the full spectrum of E&P data.

Multi-Client Data - GeoStore


View all our multi-client data in your area. Explore the new and improved CGG GeoStore interactive map.

Data Management - Data Audit and Clean Up

Data Audit & Clean Up

Data Management budgets, in a time of reduced oil prices, are being challenged and resources stretched.

Data Management - Formation Description Logs

Formation Description Logs

Maximize your well intelligence. Use our expert petrophysicists for the most accurate analysis of well lithology, porosity and fluids.



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