Our equipment business, represented by Sercel, offers a full spectrum of systems, sensors and sources for seismic acquisition and downhole monitoring. We use this equipment in the world’s most challenging environments onshore, offshore, downhole and on the seabed.. Mega-crews in the Middle East acquire ultra-high-channel-count data. Broadband streamers image subsalt in complex geologies offshore. Downhole gauges record production data through high temperatures and pressures. This innovative equipment drives our crew productivity, operating flexibility and data quality to new levels.

​​As a worldwide leader in the seismic acquisition industry for over 50 years, Sercel designs, manufactures and supports a full range of high-tech integrated equipment for hydrocarbon exploration in land, transition zone, ocean-bottom cable, marine, and downhole environments.

Around the globe, we are positioned to satisfy the industry's needs for seismic acquisition systems. Whatever the field conditions, whether at sea, in open country, in the mountains, in the jungle or in the desert, Sercel engineers and technicians apply the skills they have acquired through long-standing R&D work and experience in the field to constantly push back the limits of seismic acquisition.

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Equipment -  UNITE


Get better coverage with the most flexible cableless system. Safely survey sensitive environments. Remotely harvest data without interruption. Seamless cable and cableless integration.

Offshore - Sentinel Solid Streamers

Sentinel Solid Streamers

Best signal-to-noise ratio. Lowest frequencies. Most reliable 4D. Widest weather window. Broadband ready. For the most demanding applications, choose Sentinel.

Offshore - Nautilus Streamer Steering

Nautilus Streamer Steering

Better 3D coverage, improved 4D repeatability, reduced infill. Integrated streamer control with acoustic positioning, depth control and automatic steering.

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