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Optimize asset value with our comprehensive geoscience services, from sedimentology to seismic modeling, from exploration to production. We are experts in geochemistry, basin modeling, biostratigraphy, chemostratigraphy, structural geology, petrophysics and quantitative mineralogy. During oil and gas field planning, we rank prospects, assist with acreage and asset valuation, build stratigraphic frameworks and select well sites. During field development, we build reservoir models, advise on economics, produce field development plans, and provide on-site geosteering services. Our satellite mapping services provide environmental surveillance, including pollution and ground motion monitoring.

CGG GeoConsulting brings together the full scope of CGG's geoscience knowledge and capability to offer our clients support across the entire range of the oil and gas workflow, from frontier exploration to production and economics. Providing both data and services, GeoConsulting provide a unique capability as a solution provider for your exploration, development and production challenges, including:

  • Comprehensive geoscience knowledge, tools and data
  • Valuable insight into all aspects of natural resource exploration and exploitation
  • Helping our clients to:
    • Gain competitive advantage in frontier exploration
    • Reduce exploration risk
    • Optimize production
    • Increase recovery and maximize return on investment
    • Improve cost and efficiency

We achieve this through the combined skills of some 500 experts drawn from the globally respected brands of Robertson, NPA Satellite Mapping, and the newly created SRC (our Seismic Reservoir Characterization group) that leverages the power of the Jason and Hampson-Russell brands. Our staff are located in some 24 key oil and gas centers and are aligned to be part of a single solution provider to best serve the needs of our clients.

Reduce Exploration Risk

Reduce Exploration Risk

Optimize Production

Optimize Production

Increase Recovery

Increase   Recovery

Improve Cost & Efficiency

Improve Cost & Efficiency

The CGG GeoConsulting portfolio is unique in the industry, in terms of both its breadth and its depth of expertise in specialist technical disciplines including:

  • Geology
  • Geophysics
  • Geospatial
  • Petrophysics
  • Geomechanics
  • Reservoir Engineering
  • Petroleum Economics
  • Training

Our 500 experts located in 24 key oil and gas centers are drawn together from the proud and globally respected brands of Robertson, NPA Satellite Mapping, Jason and HampsonRussell services. They are aligned as part of a single solution-provider to best serve the needs of our clients and to accelerate the integration of these disciplines and realize their full value.

This structure enables us to better address challenges across the E&P workflow, provide a deeper understanding of the subsurface, support the development of more accurate reservoir models and further enhance our global to well-scale geological and geophysical multi-client products with our combined Seismic Reservoir Characterization and Geological expertise.

During exploration we help you identify plays, rank prospects, assist with acreage and asset valuation, build stratigraphic frameworks and select well locations.

During field development, we support the construction of reservoir models and the creation of field development plans and we provide onsite geosteering services, economic advice and valuations. We can help you maximize production with permanent reservoir monitoring solutions, 4D reservoir characterization and history matching.

reservoir_tb.jpgWe have an extensive knowledge base built on more than 50 years of industry-leading activities and extensive multi-client studies which can provide off-the-shelf answers for most of the established and frontier hydrocarbon basins around the world.

At every step in the E&P workflow, we have experts who understand the challenges and who can help to reduce the risks and uncertainties that you face.

CGG GeoConsulting ... powered by Robertson, NPA Satellite Mapping, Jason and HampsonRussell.

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GeoTraining brings together the full breadth of CGG’s skill development programs to provide the E&P industry with comprehensive geoscience workforce learning path programs.

GeoConsulting - Geochemistry


Our Geochemistry services range from routine source rock and maturity analyses through to oil, condensate and gas characterisation and migration modelling.

GeoConsulting - Offshore Seeps

Offshore Seeps

Detection of active oil and gas seeps in frontier or under-explored basins to greatly reduce exploration risk
GeoConsulting - Reservoir Petrophysics

Reservoir Petrophysics

We link elastic and petrophysics properties to extract more value from seismic volumes.

GeoConsulting - Wellsite Biostratigraphy

Wellsite Biostratigraphy

Monitoring the stratigraphic progress of wells, assisting in setting casing points and monitoring coring programmes.

GeoConsulting - Exploration Geology and Geophysics

Exploration Geology and Geophysics

Robertson combines expertise from the key disciplines of Seismic and Non-Seismic Geophysics, Structural Geology and Petroleum Geology