Facilities and Cost Engineering


PREG has the ability to carry out Facilities Engineering in all the aspects for the value chain covering:

  • Exploration and Appraisal costs and scheduling
  • Development conception selection
  • Development planning scheduling
  • Development Cost estimation.

In caring out this Facilities Engineering evaluation to Field Development Planning stage the following in incorporated

  • Identifying the strategic decision variable: Client / Shareholders; Reservoir fluid and processing; Field location and infrastructures; Delivery point; Productivity range; water depth, etc.
  • Key uncertainties: Reservoir fluid composition; Well productivity; Reserves; Data reliability; Formation parameters
  • Major constraints: Environmental and health issues; regulations
  • Subsea (wet tree) completions or Platforms? Onshore, Offshore processing or both? Pipelines: Multiphase or single phase
  • Field location, nearby fields (discoveries, producing, developed). A review gives better understanding of the likely field performance and challenges
  • Infrastructures. Is there any, can it be utilised and how is this best done
  • Environment, topography, situation. The has a significant impact on the constraints of any development
  • Reserves (in – place and recoverable). The driver for the size of the infrastructure.
  • Field Parameters (Fluid types, composition, pressure and Temperature). These items drive how complex or otherwise are the infrastructure and facilities

The Facilities and Cost Engineer works closely with the sub surface team members as a large amount of their data is key to the development planning concept selection.

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