Facilities and Cost Engineering


We have the ability to carry out Facilities Engineering in all the aspects for the value chain covering:

  • Exploration and Appraisal costs and scheduling
  • Development conception selection
  • Development planning scheduling
  • Development Cost estimation.

In carrying out this Facilities Engineering evaluation to Field Development Planning stage the following can be incorporated:

  • Identifying the strategic decision variable: Client / Shareholders; Reservoir fluid and processing; Field location and infrastructures; Delivery point; Productivity range; water depth, etc.
  • Key uncertainties: Reservoir fluid composition; Well productivity; Reserves; Data reliability; Formation parameters
  • Major constraints: Environmental and health issues; regulations
  • Subsea (wet tree) completions or Platforms? Onshore, Offshore processing or both? Pipelines: Multiphase or single phase
  • Field location, nearby fields (discoveries, producing, developed). A review gives better understanding of the likely field performance and challenges
  • Infrastructures. Is there any, can it be utilised and how is this best done
  • Environment, topography, situation. The has a significant impact on the constraints of any development
  • Reserves (in – place and recoverable). The driver for the size of the infrastructure.
  • Field Parameters (Fluid types, composition, pressure and Temperature). These items drive how complex or otherwise are the infrastructure and facilities

The Facilities and Cost Engineer works closely with the sub-surface team members as a large amount of their data is key to the development planning concept selection.

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