New Ventures Analysis


We can provide direct assistance ranging from providing assistance to companies wishing to increase their portfolio in the screening of new opportunities through to evaluating specific license round, block or field scale exploration or farm-in opportunities, including a full range of asset evaluation tasks.

Each project is tackled differently and is driven by a wish to assist the client attain their goals in the specified time frame.

Our Typical New Ventures Analysis Includes:


Exploration Strategy, Exploration Opportunities Evaluation, Global or Country Basin Screening

Utilising our extensive Robertson Basins and Plays database along with our Robertson Studies and regional knowledge we can provide direction and focus to New Ventures teams to which new opportunities can seem hard to unravel. We have global experience in screening, ranking opportunities and providing suggestions and recommendations for further de-risking.

Data Rooms and License Round Evaluation

We provide assistance in both physical and virtual data rooms, providing a tailored team of geologists, geophysicists, engineers and economists to help support you in your evaluation. Data rooms typically require a fast turnaround from initial evaluation to final report and our team provides an independent view of the acreage on offer.

Licensing and Government Assistance

We have extensive experience in supporting governments in their license round activities, from providing geological context and evaluation of the acreage on offer to re-delineating the blocks and jointly hosting data rooms with our Smart Data Solutions team.

Each of the above approaches tend to include:

  • Volumetrics and resource estimates
  • Prospect and lead generation
  • Post-well assessment
  • Technical reviews and audits

In addition we can help to identify investment opportunity for specific clients.

GeoConsulting - (new) Geophysical Services

Geophysical Services

We provide an advanced reservoir toolbox and specialized expertise around the world to help you qualify and quantify your reservoirs with geophysical information.

GeoConsulting - Sedimentology


Our Sedimentology expertise extends to both clastic and carbonate facies, and includes the full spectrum of depositional environments.

GeoConsulting - Seep Explorer

Seep Explorer

Use offshore seeps to de-risk your prospects. Our satellite derived offshore seeps database covers over 90% of all offshore sedimentary basins.