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Sedimentology deals with the physical and chemical changes that occur when sediment is converted into sedimentary rock (a process called diagenesis). By understanding how these rocks were formed, we can work out whether they are likely to contain oil/gas, and if they do, how this is best extracted.

Our sedimentologists use their wide-ranging expertise in both exploration, identifying new opportunities and facilitating predictive modeling, and development & production, undertaking high-resolution reservoir characterization studies. Much of our work is based on close examination of rock material in core, in cuttings or in the field. We have the ability to extract value from these analyses, and integrate with other geosciences to solve even the most complex of problems.

Well correlationWell correlation.
Low-density Silurian turbiditesLow density Silurian turbidites.

Our Robertson Sedimentology skill-set, which covers all types of facies and depositional setting, and both clastic and carbonate lithologies, includes:

High resolution FMI interpretationHigh resolution FMI interpretation.
  • Full field correlation and input for reservoir modeling
  • Integrated reservoir characterization
  • Drainage network analysis and hinterland studies 
  • Reservoir quality evaluation:
    • petrography and diagenesis 
    • diagenetic studies using SEM, CL, XRD, fluid inclusions
    • quantitative pore size distribution
  • Spectral gamma (SGR) correlation using GAMMASTRAT™ and GAMMAFACIES™ 
  • High-resolution capabilities in
    • formation microscanner (FMI) interpretation and upscaling
    • sequence stratigraphy
    • facies architecture
    • core petrophysics (Core-PET™)
GeoConsulting - (update) Robertson Core Description

Robertson Core Description

A web-delivered product that offers quick and easy access to a growing database of 1:200 scale core descriptions from over 750 clastic exploration wells from the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS).
GeoConsulting - (update) Robertson Analogues

Robertson Analogues

An online database of reservoir analogues and knowledgebase of geological information designed to facilitate generation of more realistic reservoir models for development and exploration.
GeoConsulting - Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services

Providing both project support and stand-alone analytical services with rapid turnarounds available when required.

GeoConsulting - Robertson


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