Stratigraphic well correlation

Age IS everything

Robertson has been at the forefront of the science of biostratigraphy since 1961, having long understood that knowing the precise age of a piece of rock is much more than an ‘interesting academic exercise’. We enjoy the services of some of the world’s most respected biostratigraphers, with expertise in micropaleontology (microfossils), palynology (pollen/spores/algae) and nannopaleontology (nannofossils).

Our client list includes all the majors, most independent international oil companies, and many NOCs, for whom we undertake both confidential and non-exclusive projects.

Striatoabieites multistriatusPalynomorph - miospore.
Biosteering_red_272x178.jpgPalynomorph - dinocyst.

Parvisaccites enigmatusPalynomorph - miospore.

Stratigraphy to Seismic
Robertson STS™ provides detailed chronostratigraphic, palaeoenvironmental and sediment supply data for the seismic interpreter, taking seismic sequence stratigraphic interpretation to another level.

Increasingly, our biostratigraphic capability is being incorporated in multidisciplinary studies, enabling fully integrated geoscience interpretations at the well, field, sedimentary basin or regional scale. The Robertson StS™ tool, for example, combines geophysics with biostratigraphy, by providing detailed chronostratigraphy, environment and sediment supply data to the seismic interpreter, and thus significantly enhancing seismic sequence stratigraphy studies.

There continues to be a need for our detailed biostratigraphy reports, which focus entirely on determining the stratigraphic make-up of a well section, while Robertson Biosteering know-how remains vital at the rig site, saving operators’ valuable time by monitoring the drill bit to ensure optimum trajectory within the reservoir.

We can also undertake ‘hot shot’ analyses, in which biostratigraphic results are provided by email, fax or phone within 48 hours of sample receipt.

Biosteering at wellsiteWorldwide wellsite services using a variety of biostratigraphic disciplines.
FieldworkOutcrop of the Wall Creek Member of the Frontier Formation, an outcrop analogue for the 2016 Robertson Study 'Distribution and Quality of Reservoir Rocks in the Frontier Formation and Equivalent Strata,
Powder River Basin'.
GeoConsulting - Geochemistry


Our Geochemistry services range from routine source rock and maturity analyses through to oil, condensate and gas characterisation and migration modelling.

GeoConsulting - Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services

Providing both project support and stand-alone analytical services with rapid turnarounds available when required.

GeoConsulting - (update) Mineralogy


Nano-metre scale digital imaging, micron resolution digital petrographic analysis and quantitative mineralogy