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Petrophysical & Rock Physics Analysis for Seismic-Driven Reservoir Modeling

We integrate log, core/cuttings and production data to obtain physical properties such as mineralogy, porosity, permeability, and fluid saturations. The goal is to assess accurate reservoir rock and fluid properties at well locations to be integrated with seismic data and its derivatives.

Petrophysical conditioning of well log data is performed to remove artifacts in the data caused by borehole or other problems during logging. Well logs are conditioned in entirety, from surface-casing to TD, and elastic logs (VP, VS, and density) are extended to the surface for accurate seismic integration.

Data issues identified and corrected may include, but are not limited to:

  1. neutron-densityEffects from borehole washouts, extreme environments, oil-based mud systems, and tool failures
  2. Invasion effects in permeable intervals
  3. Poorly-constrained mineral composition and fluid-properties
  4. Thin and laminated beds below well-log resolution
  5. Missing logs or gaps in logged intervals (e.g. shear velocity, water saturation)
  6. Poor depth alignment between well logs (e.g. from tool pulls)
  7. 4D time lapse effects between well logs, seismic, and production data

Rock Physics

Rock physics modeling requires an understanding of underlying geology, rock and fluid properties, and seismic attributes associated with AVO, including those generated from seismic inversion. 

well logA common goal of rock physics is to establish relationships between rock properties measured in the laboratory or inferred from well logs, to the seismic response, often in the form of elastic moduli (such as Young’s modulus).  Petrophysics is a natural bridge between laboratory (core-scale) and seismic data

Conditioned well log responses are calibrated to rock measurements, which can then be directly up-scaled to seismic resolution, or indirectly used to add detail or constrain seismic results through the use of statistical methods.

well corrRock physics modeling relates changes in reservoir properties, such as pore-fluid saturation, lithology, porosity, pressure and temperature, to seismic signatures.  This allows the use of seismic data in the prediction of reservoir quality and production drivers, including post-mortem of poorly-performing wells and dry holes.  These relationships are also used to understand and improve interpretation of seismic attributes and inversion results.  Examples include Gassmann fluid-substitution, which provides insight into hydrocarbon effects on seismic attributes through forward models, and lithofacies classification using multivariate analysis of elastic attributes common to inverted seismic and well logs.  Because of its close relationship to geomechanics, rock physics can also inform geomechanical workflows seeking to model brittle-failure of rocks during well completions.

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