Seismic Pore Pressure Prediction

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Seismic Pore Pressure Prediction (PPP) provides volumetric estimates of pore pressure across reservoirs, fields and even at the basin scale. These can be used by geologists and reservoir engineers to improve understanding of hydrocarbon basins, identify potential drilling hazards and improve well positioning.

CGG combines expertise in high-resolution seismic velocities, petrophysical modeling and well data integration to deliver a range of seismic pore pressure services.

PPP basinCalibration of Seismic Based Stress Analysis in Resource Plays

Pore pressure analysis is used to calibrate seismic-based stress analysis from azimuthal seismic, especially in resource plays. Pore pressure analysis from conventional well logs provides two of the three principal stresses, vertical stress and minimum horizontal stress. When calibrated to well tests and core data, pore pressure analysis can also provide the ratio of minimum-to-maximum horizontal stress, leading to both estimates maximum horizontal stress, closure pressure, and fracture gradients.

Basin Scale Prediction Enhances Exploration

Pore pressure prediction can also be performed across large areas and used as a more qualitative exploration tool at a basin scale. These large volumes provide an overview of pressure and fluid behavior within the basin and can be used to identify important features, such as the behavior of faults.  In this context pore-pressure prediction becomes a tool for geologists and can help in understanding regional basin dynamics and the identification and de-risking of new prospects.

Well Planning and Drilling Hazards

Seismic pore pressure prediction volumes can be used to help with well engineering decisions such as trajectory and completion planning. Pre-knowledge of areas of potentially anomalous over- or under-pressure can help to mitigate drilling hazards and ensure that contingencies for mud weights and casing points have been considered in advance of drilling.
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