Shale Science


Shale reservoirs are not homogeneous; why drill as if they are? With a scientific approach to shale exploration, development and production, you can have the potential to gain operational benefits:

  • Increased Production and Ultimate Reserve Recovery
  • Improved Cost & Efficiency
  • Reduced Risk

We offer solutions along the whole value chain to help you improve production and improve the financial performance of your asset. Our multi-client Reservoir Optimization Packages provide off-the shelf solutions to some of the key acreage in the Permian Basin and East Texas.

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With expertise from new venture and basin prospectivity to drilling, completion and production, we derive the most comprehensive understanding of your shale reservoir’s quality and production potential to help you create an optimized drilling, completion and production program that can increase your EUR. Learn more about our tools and services for shale new ventures & prospectivity.

By understanding the regional geology, basin prospectivity and petrophysics, we can generate geoscience programs that are tailored to acquiring the right kind of data for your specific shale reservoir. Learn more about our exploration and appraisal services.

By acquiring the optimum data, we have the ability to create a robust reservoir model that helps predict the most prospective zones and optimize parameters for cost-effective field development, drilling and completion programs. Learn more about production forecasting, ‘sweet spot’ mapping & optimal well placement strategies.

During development and production, we can provide real-time input to the drilling and completion program with well-site services including technologies for directional drilling and automated mineralogy that continue to add value and information, so that the reservoir model can be refined and calibrated accordingly. Learn more about well site services and maximizing recovery.

Technical Abstracts


Discover CGG's extensive archive of conference papers.

Integrating surface seismic, microseismic, ro...

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A workflow for success in shales

Ted Holden | John Pendrel | Fred Jenson | Peter Mesdag
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GeoConsulting - Unconventional Shale Resources

Unconventional Shale Resources

Our workflow encompasses scales ranging from the microscopic to the basin level and integrates multiple disciplines across these scales.

GeoConsulting - (update) RoqScan


Automated mineralogy. Hard data when and where you need it. Perform detailed rock property analyses. Steer wells. Optimize completions.
GeoConsulting - Appraisal Studies

Appraisal Studies

The evaluation of any exploration study, at basin, play and block prospect scale or a detailed prospect evaluation.

GeoSoftware - PowerLog


The benchmark for petrophysics, rock physics, facies analysis and statistical mineralogy. Collaborative multi-well log analysis made easy for better drilling decisions.

Multi-Client Data - Avalon


282 square miles of 400-fold 3D data in the prolific Delaware Basin play in West Texas

GeoConsulting - Petroleum Geomechanics

Petroleum Geomechanics

Petroleum geomechanics is the branch of engineering dealing with the mechanical properties and behavior of geological formations which influence the exploration, development, and production of oil and gas.