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To be the first mover is a significant advantage in the race to obtain core acreage for shale development. To have the detailed knowledge of the prospectivity of an area before acquiring leases or permits is paramount and provides a competitive edge in obtaining the acreage with the highest production potential.


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CGG offers a full suite of technologies and services to provide your New Ventures team with an early assessment of prospectivity using petrophysical, geological and geophysical data to help you to target areas with the most potential for development.

We offer the following services to support new ventures & prospectivity evaluation of shale resources:
  • An advanced, modern multi-disciplinary geophysical data library, including over 10,000 square miles of high-quality seismic data in the prominent shale plays and extensive gravity and magnetic coverage
  • Comprehensive regional interpretative geological reports and global thematic studies from Robertson, and databases such as MERLIN+ and Tellus
  • Satellite mapping and remote sensing products by NPA
  • Geospec value-added non-exclusive studies, including extensive legacy seismic and well databases
Multi-Client Data - Avalon


282 square miles of 400-fold 3D data in the prolific Delaware Basin play in West Texas

Multi-Client Data - Big Cat

Big Cat

Use science to optimize your reservoir in Big Cat, Wyoming. Get advanced seismic with reservoir characterization products to optimize drilling and completion
GeoConsulting - (update) Robertson Basins and Plays

Robertson Basins & Plays

Extensive play fairway and petroleum systems database. Robertson Basins and Plays supports faster decisions, giving you the competitive edge in licensing rounds.
Multi-Client Data - GeoStore


View all our multi-client data in your area. Explore the new and improved CGG GeoStore interactive map.

GeoConsulting - New Ventures Screening

New Ventures Screening

Providing direct assistance to companies wishing to increase their portfolio in the screening of new opportunities through to evaluating specific licence rounds.

GeoConsulting - (update) Robertson Studies: Red Books

Robertson Studies: Red Books

Become an instant expert. Choose from more than 500 global thematic, regional and licensing round reports.
GeoConsulting - Geophysical Services (SRC)


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