Operational Benefits



Until recently, our industry has produced shale using techniques that often aren't optimized to provide the greatest return. Operators still experience variable success rates with shale wells and historically up to 70% of unconventional wells in the U.S. did not reach their production targets. Opportunities to improve well performance and production are available by taking a more rigorous, scientific approach to gain a better understanding of the subsurface before developing a resource.


By making full use of the available information from well log data, geology, seismic and potential field disciplines, we can design an integrated geoscience  program to yield the optimum data for detailed reservoir characterization and predictive modeling of production ‘sweet-spots’ and completion intervals.

Increased Economic Ultimate Recovery & Optimized Production


With integrated services across geology, geophysics, petrophysics and geomechanics, we can derive a better understanding of the reservoir quality and production potential to help achieve:

  • Optimal well placement
  • Well trajectories which maximize reservoir contact
  • Completion intervals designed for more consistent production

Improved Cost & Efficiency

We have the ability to provide a turn-key solution that enables faster decision making based on a thorough understanding of the requirements of each stage in the E&P workflow and strong project management to ensure the timely delivery of quality-assured results.

With a better understanding of the subsurface prior to development and the use of the latest technologies, well and completion efficiency can be increased, costs reduced and operational footprint reduced.

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