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The industry has moved quickly to adopt new technology for drilling and completion. But as the associated costs increase, so does the break-even. Reservoir understanding is the key to getting the most from your drilling and completion investment.

The productivity of shale reservoirs can vary rapidly over short distances, so detailed reservoir petrophysical and geomechanical models are critical to planning the optimum location and trajectory of the wellbore and parameters for completion programs.

Well log


Our integarted geoscience approach can predict the best locations within a reservoir for well placement, based on a field-proven workflow that deliver advanced reservoir models to help optimize development drilling plans.

By gaining a better understanding of the factors controlling reservoir quality and exploitation potential, predictive models can be developed to explain well performance through subsurface heterogeneity and mitigate potential geohazards.

We help our clients to reduce the risk of drilling uneconomic wells and can advise on the most efficient well placements and provide input to completion optimization programs:

  • Expert petrophysical and geomechanical analysis of well log and core data 
  • Advanced reservoir characterization to produce detailed, well-calibrated geomechanical and lithological models:
    • Identifying reservoir lithofacies with elastic and geostatistical inversions
    • Deriving reservoir quality indicators such as TOC, porosity, gas saturation and brittleness with calibrated petrophysical and mineralogical logs
    • Geomechanical characterization, based on seismic attributes calibrated with well log and core measurements
    • Building predictive models to identify production sweet spots, using multi-attribute analysis of lithological and geomechanical models correlated to observed production data
  • More accurate directional drilling using MagCUBE crustal geomagnetic referencing for MWD
  • Field development plan generation using Robertson Petroleum Reservoir and Economics Group expertise
Well logging
GeoSoftware - PowerLog


The benchmark for petrophysics, rock physics, facies analysis and statistical mineralogy. Collaborative multi-well log analysis made easy for better drilling decisions.

GeoSoftware - Jason


Advanced technology in seismic inversion and reservoir characterization. Optimize well productivity, field development and reservoir management.
GeoSoftware - HampsonRussell


World-class geophysical interpretation for seismic exploration and reservoir characterization, all accessible to any geophysicist.
GeoSoftware - Insight Earth


Innovative 3D visualization, interpretation and volume processing. InsightEarth’s leading-edge interpretation tools and techniques complement your existing workflows.
GeoConsulting - (new) Lithology Classification

Lithology & Facies Classification

Defining lithology classes and prediciting facies distribution to gain a better understanding of the reservoir rocks and fluids

GeoConsulting - Fracture Mechanics

Fracture Mechanics

Taurus has experience dealing with a variety of projects related to fracture mechanics through out the world.

GeoConsulting - Geophysical Services (SRC)


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