Support offshore activities with CGG’s satellite-based pollution monitoring service.

  • Rapid image acquisition in the event of an incident
  • Monitoring programmes tailored to requirements
  • No health and safety risk
  • Low cost

Pollution Studies

In addition to the Global Offshore Seepage Database (GOSD), we also extract additional information from slick mapping to reflect pollution distribution on a regional and local basis.

Environmental Benchmarking

Pollution and seepage slicks are mapped using archive SAR satellite data to provide an assessment of past pollution activity in a particular region over space and time. This allows investigation of pollution levels in an area prior to a particular date and is particularly useful as a precursor to facilities monitoring.

Facilities Monitoring

Continued observation of individual facilities is made possible by the programming of a variety of SAR satellite constellations currently in orbit. Monitoring programmes can be carried out over various timescales (weeks, months or years) according to client specifications. This provides a regular assessment of the activities of an offshore asset both day and night, irrespective of prevailing weather conditions.

Disaster Response

In the event of an oil spill, satellites can be rapidly tasked to acquire imagery at regular intervals to achieve a time lapse view of the development of the pollution slick. This information can be fed into response efforts and provide indications of extent and likely landfall.

GeoConsulting - Offshore Seeps

Offshore Seeps

Detection of active oil and gas seeps in frontier or under-explored basins to greatly reduce exploration risk
GeoConsulting - Ice Monitoring

Ice Monitoring

All-weather satellite monitoring of ice extents and concentration within a few hours of image acquisition.

GeoConsulting - Shallow Water Bathymetry

Shallow Water Bathymetry

Rapid depth assessment of shallow and clear coastal waters from multispectral satellite imagery.