Onshore Services

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Do you have enough geological insight? Are your geomechanical models accurate enough? How stable are your mine slopes? We provide this intelligence from imagery.

We provide world-leading onshore remote sensing services to the oil and gas, mining, environmental and civil engineering industries. Our solutions range from expert interpretation of geology and tectonic geomorphology and geohazards, through to surface deformation (InSAR) mapping and terrain characterization for large infrastructure projects.

As part of CGG we are able to provide fully integrated solutions that combine complementary products, services and expertise.

GeoConsulting - Satellite Mapping

Satellite Mapping

A world-leading supplier of satellite images, multi-client products and bespoke mapping services.

GeoConsulting - Geological Mapping Studies

Geological Mapping Studies

Geological mapping and interpretation of remote sensing data, from regional projects to detailed interpretation of licence blocks.

GeoConsulting - Geological Modelling

Geological Modeling

Balanced cross-sections derived through expert interpretation of satellite and seismic data. Rapid visualization of exploration leads and prospects.

GeoConsulting - Seismic Support

Seismic Support

Increase efficiency and productivity for land seismic surveys with ground characterization and terrain mapping.
GeoConsulting - Surface Deformation InSAR

Surface Deformation (InSAR)

Precise, remote monitoring of surface deformation for geohazard delineation and production monitoring for onshore fields.
GeoConsulting - Terrain Characterization

Terrain Characterization

Near-surface ground characterization using remotely sensed data to support and enhance onshore seismic acquisition and processing.