Geohazard Analysis

Map geohazard potential along planned corridors or around existing facilities to gauge risk of a range of natural geological phenomena.

  • Map and isolate existing hazards in their geological context to establish baseline map
  • Characterise ground activity with very high resolution images and DEMs
  • Measure ground stability using satellite InSAR
  • Low cost and non-invasive

We are leaders in the use of interferometry for geohazard analysis but also support other group companies with geohazard analyses worldwide. Much of the mapping follows the same methods and practicalities described in Regional Interpretation, Detailed Interpretation, Spectral Mapping and Fracture Analysis.

Commonly mapped themes could include:

  • Rivers/water channels – line coverage
  • Water bodies – polygon coverage
  • Wetland – polygon coverage
  • Alluvium – polygon coverage
  • Playa/Sabkha – polygon coverage
  • Gypcretes – polygon coverage
  • Dune fields/sand streaks – polygon coverage
  • Laterites/Bauxites/iron pans – polygon coverage
  • Forested/Oases areas - polygon coverage
  • Outcrop (lithology, chrono-stratigraphy, photo-stratigraphy) – polygon coverage
  • Subcrop (areas of partially buried rock) – polygon coverage
  • Classification of exposed rock into hard or soft – polygon coverage
  • Dip, strike (qualitative, quantitative) – point coverage
  • Folding (vergence, plunge, asymmetry, overturned, recumbent) - line coverage
  • Fault zones (classified into major and minor faults) – line coverage
  • Neo-tectonic zones (i.e. seismically active) based on CMT database – line coverage
  • Ground shake-prone terrain
  • Liquefaction-prone terrain
  • Topographic/geological scarps - line coverage
  • Landslips - polygon coverage
  • Slope deposits (e.g. scree fans, bajadas) – polygon coverage
  • River/wadi terracing, flood plain details - polygon coverage
  • Other fluvial architecture (banks, bank-attached bars, riffles, waterfalls, rapids)
  • Obvious palaeo-drainage/abandoned drainage
  • Slope maps derived from SRTM DEM – raster coverage
  • Built-up areas - polygon coverage
  • Buildings – polygon coverage
  • Tarmac roads/Roads/tracks/paths – line coverage
  • Bridges, fords
  • Pipelines – line coverage
GeoConsulting - Satellite Mapping

Satellite Mapping

A world-leading supplier of satellite images, multi-client products and bespoke mapping services.

GeoConsulting - Geological Mapping Studies

Geological Mapping Studies

Geological mapping and interpretation of remote sensing data, from regional projects to detailed interpretation of licence blocks.

GeoConsulting - Geological Modelling

Geological Modeling

Balanced cross-sections derived through expert interpretation of satellite and seismic data. Rapid visualization of exploration leads and prospects.

GeoConsulting - Seismic Support

Seismic Support

Increase efficiency and productivity for land seismic surveys with ground characterization and terrain mapping.
GeoConsulting - Surface Deformation InSAR

Surface Deformation (InSAR)

Precise, remote monitoring of surface deformation for geohazard delineation and production monitoring for onshore fields.
GeoConsulting - Terrain Characterization

Terrain Characterization

Near-surface ground characterization using remotely sensed data to support and enhance onshore seismic acquisition and processing.