Geological Mapping

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De-risk onshore exploration activities with the industry's most respected tectonic geomorphology and structural geology interpretation services.

  • Multi-scale geological mapping of any terrain and climatic environment
  • Screen basins, sub-basins or license blocks to initiate play fairway analysis
  • Establish deformation histories and principal stress orientations
  • Evaluate acreage efficiently and provide life-of-license image and DEM data
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As exploration challenges continue to grow across the industry, clients continuously seek new ways of reducing financial and operational risk. Our established regional geological studies and detailed license block mapping services are used within the industry to de-risk exploration activities. For a fraction of the total exploration budget, our unique geological insight provides clients with better intelligence;on the most promising exploration targets, prior to investing in seismic surveys and drilling campaigns.

Outside of the oil and gas industry we provide mineral mapping services to the mining industry, and use our mapping studies to provide geological context for geohazard and engineering applications.

Map Product Suite:



Global Plate Scale Mapping - multiple basins across all country borders

Scale: 1:1,000,000

Example: Southern Africa



Basin-scale mapping - within one basin, one country, or collection of licenses

Scale: 1:200,000

Example: Kenya



Lead/prospect mapping - License or individual lead or prospect mapping

Scale: 1:50,000

Example: Kenya/Tanzania 



Field mapping/verification - Detailed license scale fieldwork and sampling

Scale: 1:10,000

Example: USA 

Map Suite Deliverables:

Regional project layers

Detailed project layers

Image database (e.g. optical or SAR imagery)

Image database (e.g. high resolution optical or SAR imagery)

DEM data

DEM data (high resolution data)

Interpretation (structure: faults, folds, dip estimates, cross sections)

Interpretation (structure: faults, folds, lineaments, dip estimates)

Interpretation (stratigraphy: solid, drift, tectono-stratigraphy)

Interpretation (stratigraphy: solid drift, tectono-stratigraphy)

Summary map with play fairways (source kitchens, migration routes, leads)

Interpretation (fracture analysis: density, intersections, rose diagrams)

Potential field data (if available)

Balanced cross-section construction

Regional Seismic data (if available)

Summary map with play fairways (source kitchens, migration routes, leads)

Well data (if available)

Potential field data (if available)


Closely spaced 2-D or 3-D Seismic data (if available)


Well data (if available)


Field data acquisition or integration

GeoConsulting - Satellite Mapping

Satellite Mapping

A world-leading supplier of satellite images, multi-client products and bespoke mapping services.

GeoConsulting - Geological Mapping Studies

Geological Mapping Studies

Geological mapping and interpretation of remote sensing data, from regional projects to detailed interpretation of licence blocks.

GeoConsulting - Geological Modelling

Geological Modeling

Balanced cross-sections derived through expert interpretation of satellite and seismic data. Rapid visualization of exploration leads and prospects.

GeoConsulting - Seismic Support

Seismic Support

Increase efficiency and productivity for land seismic surveys with ground characterization and terrain mapping.
GeoConsulting - Surface Deformation InSAR

Surface Deformation (InSAR)

Precise, remote monitoring of surface deformation for geohazard delineation and production monitoring for onshore fields.
GeoConsulting - Terrain Characterization

Terrain Characterization

Near-surface ground characterization using remotely sensed data to support and enhance onshore seismic acquisition and processing.