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Ground Stability. Revealed - High-precision ground stability intelligence for the UK

MotionMap UK is a national database of high-precision ground stability measurements that reveals millimeter-scale changes in ground and building heights. Generated using state-of-the-art satellite InSAR data processing, MotionMap UK gives geologists, engineers and surveyors unique insight into the location, extent and evolution of ground stability hazards.

 MM UK map
The image shows MotionMap UK ground stability measurements dating from May 2015 to December 2017. Green indicates relative stability, red indicates subsidence, blue indicates heave.
©CGG NPA Satellite Mapping 2018
MotionMap UK represents a step-change compared to previously available data, drawing on vast amounts of imagery collected by the latest Sentinel-1 satellite constellation. For the first time ever it is possible to reveal and monitor the evolution of natural and manmade hazards across the UK, resulting in the world’s first 'live' source of national ground stability measurements.

From desk-based studies and planning, to site permitting, surveying, ground investigations and monitoring, MotionMap UK ensures hazards are understood prior to potentially costly, intrusive and risky fieldwork.

Unique capabilities

  • Remotely derived millimetric-precision measurements
  • Full deformation time series
  • Routine updates capture ‘live’ deformation


  • On-demand access to UK-wide data
  • Reveal, target and monitor hazard hotspots
  • Unparalleled insight into geological and manmade hazards
  • Optimise survey campaigns and minimise HSE exposure
  • A range of products and purchase options that cater for different requirements and budgets

In 2008 NPA Satellite Mapping pioneered the use of national InSAR data through the launch of the original MotionMap dataset – to date the only data of its kind to be used throughout the UK’s property conveyancing, environmental reporting and civil engineering markets. This experience, combined with our revolutionary new MotionMap UK data, makes NPA the go-to ground stability experts. Speak to us to learn more about how you can gain immediate value from our data.

MotionMap UK – the ground stability benchmark.

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