Terrain Characterization

Terrain Characterization

Reconnaissance mapping to improve understanding of terrain and anthropological features prior to commencing exploration or engineering operations.

  • Help plan for terrain that will be encountered
  • Identify seasonal change
  • Assess infrastructure to assist logistical operations
  • Aid project bids

Satellite imagery and elevation data can be used effectively together for route planning where minimizing gradients and navigating difficult land cover need to be balanced with route length. Such data can be used within active projects or to assess terrain during tender bid process.

High resolution satellite imagery also provides an ideal base for field property surveys. Instead of time-consuming and expensive traditional surveying, land property ownership can be more readily identified in the field and marked on the image base.

We provide comprehensive services for pipeline route planning, in particular, we can provide imagery, elevation data and land cover mapping services together with geological and geomorphological and geohazard interpretation which can assist in route optimization and cost reduction.

GeoConsulting - Satellite Mapping

Satellite Mapping

A world-leading supplier of satellite images, multi-client products and bespoke mapping services.

GeoConsulting - Satellite Imagery

Satellite Imagery

Expert, independent advice on the most appropriate satellite imagery (optical, radar) and elevation data products.

GeoConsulting - Geological Mapping

Geological Mapping

Field to continent scale satellite-based geological mapping - from regional projects to detailed interpretation of license blocks.
GeoConsulting - Geological Modelling

Geological Modeling

Balanced cross-sections derived through expert interpretation of satellite and seismic data. Rapid visualization of exploration leads and prospects.

GeoConsulting - Seismic Support

Seismic Support

Increase efficiency and productivity for land seismic surveys with ground characterization and terrain mapping.
GeoConsulting - Surface Deformation InSAR

Surface Deformation (InSAR)

Precise, remote monitoring of surface deformation for geohazard delineation and production monitoring for onshore fields.