Discover regional trends, compare multiple attribute values with seismic gathers. Calculate AVO attributes as volumes and maps. Map fractures and predict stress. Observe azimuthal variations in the acoustic impedance seismic data. Analyze pre-stack azimuthally processed seismic data in terms of time and amplitude azimuthal variations attributed to anisotropic effects. Interactively explore azimuthal variations and generate azimuthal attributes. Condition azimuthal data. Interactively analyze amplitude data as a function of azimuth and offset. Extract azimuthal AVO attributes to detect and visualize anisotropy. Analyze fracture intensity through magnitude. Attributes use azimuth attributes to map fracture strike. Locate AVO anamolies. Compare multiple attribute values with seismic gathers.

Interpret and Analyze AVO

  • Synthetic AVO Modeling
  • Fluid Replacement Modeling
  • AVO Recon
  • Intercept and Gradient Combinations
  • Rp, Rs, and Fluid Factor
  • Gather Conditioning
  • AVO Classes

AVO Products

GeoSoftware - HampsonRussell


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