HampsonRussell AVO Analysis & Modeling

AVO is a comprehensive HampsonRussell module for pre-stack data conditioning, attribute computation and analysis. This module has the tools for conditioning pre-stack seismic data to produce optimum attribute volumes, cross-plotting and interpretation functions for locating AVO anomalies, and AVO modeling tools for calibration.

AVO Figure 1

AVO Analysis & Modeling

Benefits of the AVO Module include:

  • Provides a single comprehensive module for data conditioning, attribute calculation and analysis
  • High-grades pre-stack seismic data for inversions
  • Calibrates seismic data with model data
  • Enables simple navigation and comparison of multiple attribute volumes with seismic gathers

Seismic Data Conditioning

The fundamental assumption made in AVO studies is that the pre-stack data has been optimally processed. This means that the data is noise-free, with preserved amplitudes and correct time positioning for the angle range being studied. The AVO module in HampsonRussell offers data conditioning tools needed to prepare data for attribute analysis.

AVO Figure 2

AVO Attribute Volume Calculation

Once the amplitudes observed in the pre-stack data are stable and robust, AVO attributes can be calculated as volumes and maps.

AVO Attribute Options

  • Two Term Aki-Richards A/B
  • Three Term Aki-Richards A/B/C
  • Two Term Fatti Rp/Rs
  • Three Term Fatti Rp/Rs/Rd
  • Intercept* Gradient volume
  • Scaled Poisson’s Ratio Change aA+bB
  • Fluid Factor Volume
  • Cross-Plotting
AVO Figure 3

AVO Modeling, Analysis and Conditioning Tools

  • Angle Gather
  • Super Gather
  • Offset Mute
  • Angle Mute
  • Inverse Q
  • Trim Statics
  • Parabolic Radon (INVEST)
  • RNMO & NMO Correction
  • CDP Stack
  • Angle Stack
  • Range Limited Stack
  • AVO synthetic modeling
  • AVO Attribute Volumes
  • Gradient Analysis
  • AVO Offset Scaling 
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