Jason BodyChecking

BodyChecking is a set of tools for quantitative multi-volume interpretation of cubes based on cut-off values. 

Body Capture, Net Pay, and Well Planning

Jason inversion products produce rock property volumes such as P-impedance, S-impedance, and Vp/Vs. Used in combination, these volumes of rock properties can almost always be used to discriminate pay zones in your 3D survey.

BodyChecking provides the tools for rapid multi-volume interpretation of these cubes based on crossplot relationships. Basic horizon and fault picking and editing tools are also included to aid in the creation and management of surfaces and faults.

Cross Plot Cutoffs and Polygons

BodyChecking provides a connection between the cutoffs or polygons in Crossplots and Histograms with rock property volumes. Adjust the cutoff or polygon to highlight pay zones in the wells, and then apply those same cutoffs to the rock property volumes from inversion. Samples matching the cutoff or polygon can also be displayed as an overlay in the Section View.

Body Capture and Mapping

Once the cutoffs or polygons have been adjusted to define the pay samples, the top and base horizons for each of the isolated bodies can be captured with a single click. Reservoir thickness maps and structure maps of the reservoir top and base are automatically calculated.

Net Pay and Porosity Estimation

Relationships between P-impedance, porosity and velocity can be applied to the P-impedance samples located between the reservoir top and base horizons to create a porosity distribution within the reservoir zone. From this, maps of average porosity and gross porosity thickness can be generated, and these in turn can be used in Net Pay estimations.

Well Planning

The Well Planning tool lets you select one or more targets in the Volume View and fit a spline through them as a pseudo-well track. You can then extract pseudo-logs from any available rock property cube as a prediction of drilling results along the proposed well track.

To learn more about the advanced workflows within the Jason Workbench, go to our Free Software Evaluation Form to test drive BodyChecking, or  Email us to learn more.

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