The fastest, most accurate, and most complete automated Fault and Fracture interpretation capability is now available in a single offering – FaultFractureSpark. This InsightEarth module pulls together the technology that was previously available separately into a single package, with workflows that solve needs for all types of faulting. Extract fractured regions with simplicity and compare them with through-going faults for the best geological understanding of the subsurface possible.

The combined solution for interpretation acceleration

The choice to extract faults or fractures remains where it has always been – in the interpreter’s hands. New workflows have been added to speed the understanding, ensuring the best results possible in the shortest amount of time.

FaultFractureSpark for Faults

Stop Clicking. Start Defining.

FaultFractureSpark Figure 1
Progression from seismic amplitude volume and the discontinuity attribute to the Advanced Fault Enhanced volume and the final extracted fault surfaces.

FaultFractureSpark is by definition a fault-defining dynamo. It empowers interpretation by automating the fault extraction process, replacing ceaseless mind-numbing mouse clicks with speedy workflows and precise results.

This valuable solution creates complete distinct fault planes quickly, and illuminates the overall architecture of the fault system. With FaultFractureSpark, cleaner fault planes, trustworthy interpretations, and superior fault definition comes automatically. No other interpretation system even comes close.

Industry Challenge

Interpreting faults is difficult and tedious, especially in complex, highly faulted formations. Faults can be difficult to pick if they are steeply dipping, or if they are aligned such that they are not easily visible on Inlines or Crosslines. Inaccurate and incomplete interpretations often lead to missed pay, inefficient field development, miscorrelations, drilling hazards – and ultimately dry holes.

FaultFractureSpark Solution

FaultFractureSpark interprets the most complicated structural environments with speed and accuracy. Now, optimize the development of complex faulted formations and design drilling programs for maximum production in a fraction of the time previously required.

FaultFractureSpark Advantages

  • Consistent detailed fault imaging across a wide range of geologic environments, in both time and depth volumes, regardless of seismic data quality
  • Complete fault interpretation functionality, from traditional picking to fully automatic fault extraction
  • Countless tedious mouse clicks required in other packages are replaced with single-pass accuracy to guide smarter drilling decisions

FaultFractureSpark in Action

The Rose Diagram refines the Automated Fault Extraction results, and controls the display of fault planes by strike and dip control ranges. This is particularly useful when there are hundreds to thousands of faults present in a survey.

FaultFractureSpark is powered by exclusive patented Automated Fault Extraction technology. This allows fault extraction and interpretation at unprecedented speeds and interpretation of the sharpest and most accurate fault plane geometries. This provides valuable time to think about the prospect, as compared to rushing to finish the labor-intensive task of manual fault picking with legacy software in the hopes that it will be complete enough to prevent drilling problems.

FaultFractureSpark drives fast and productive workflows both at the beginning of the 3D interpretation cycle and interactively throughout the process. Using a discontinuity volume as a starting point, the workflow runs process on the entire volume, or interactively on selected sub-volumes. Plus, the technology improves the results of automatic horizon tracking and geobody segmentation algorithms by eliminating miscorrelation across faults, as the results produced in this solution can be utilized at no additional effort in other modules of InsightEarth.

FaultFractureSpark for Fractures

Define Fractures. Determine the Sweet Spot. Drill with Confidence.

FaultFractureSpark Figure 2
The Rose Diagram refines the Automated Fracture Extraction results, and controls the display of fracture planes by strike and dip control ranges. This is particularly useful when there are hundreds of thousands of fractures present in a survey.

FaultFractureSpark turns data into drilling plans. It reveals the discrete fracture network in unconventional plays, making it easy to plan the ideal path for directional drilling.

This advanced solution identifies areas of enhanced fracture density. It finds the sweet spot for tapping the formation for optimal drainage and identifies target intervals for zonal completions.

With FaultFractureSpark, feeling around in the dark to find the fractures and brittle zones becomes a thing of the past.

Industry Challenge

Designing an optimal well path in an unconventional formation can be a blind endeavor. It is nearly impossible to locate areas of sub-seismic fracture density and to see facies changes within the fractured reservoir. Without this vital insight, production is compromised.

FaultFractureSpark Solution

FaultFractureSpark Figure 3
Most Negative Curvature attribute as displayed on an interpreted horizon.

FaultFractureSpark provides the necessary vision required to optimize the well path and maximize production. Visualize microseismic data together with seismic and well data to rapidly identify areas of enhanced fracture density and permeability and radically reduce the drilling risk. Data links allow easy access to reservoir characterization attributes to provide further refinement of the reservoir sweet spots.

FaultFractureSpark Advantages

  • Automated Fault Extraction combined with other technologies reveal areas of true enhanced fracture density
  • Attribute property calculator interprets injection and production trends more accurately
  • Special Brittle and Ductile facies workflow is included at no extra charge
FaultFractureSpark Figure 4
Microseismic events displayed in seismic data along their horizontal well bores.

FaultFractureSpark in Action

Once the fractured regions have been identified, they can be compared with Microseismic using full 3D visualization, including glyphs and transparency. The time-lapse display of the Microseismic events can be synchronized with the pressure, flow and proppant concentration parameters of the frac job.

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