InsightEarth Ignition is the data and visualization management tool of the InsightEarth suite of interpretation software. It provides data management, including data I/O, data transfer, workflow definition, workflow and process control and interaction modes. Many tasks are available to the interpreter via simple right-clicks, which means that there is no need to hunt through menus to find an easy solution.

Leverage advanced technology for 3D seismic interpretation

Insight Earth Ignition User InterfaceWhen working with 3D seismic data, being constrained by a 2D interface in an interpretation package might feel like working with printed seismic lines from years ago. There is a better way, which brings working with 3D surveys into the present: InsightEarth Ignition.

InsightEarth Ignition provides viewers and the processing platform for the full range of InsightEarth interpretation workflows. It enables geoscientists to condition seismic data for subsequent processing and optimize volumes for interpretation. Manual interpretation of horizons and faults become far easier and more accurate when made using Ignition's customizable tools.

Multiple 3D viewers may be created and synchronized, with some viewers displaying data in the structural domain (x, y, z or t) and some presenting data in the stratal domain (x,y, or stratal slice). Up to four volumes of seismic data or attributes can be co-rendered, and these volumes may have their lighting controlled by a fifth independent volume.

Multiple slices (several inlines, crosslines, or time/depth slices) can be displayed simultaneously within these 3D viewers, and InsightEarth has improved the standard arbitrary line into a freehand drawing tool by adding the ability to draw curved volume slices. These Curtain Slices can be used for interpretation and display, and can be saved and restored for use in future interpretation sessions.

3D Visualization

3D interpreted channel restored to current timeInsightEarth is built around a powerful, full-featured 3D visualization system. All data display, interpretation and analysis activities benefit from a very rich set of tools. With 3D available at all times, interpreters naturally think and work in a spatial context instead of traditional planar section/slice views of their data.

Powerful analytic capabilities such as transparency, co-rendering and optical stacking make it easier to locate and qualify anomalies and understand complex geometrical relationships.

Data Loading

SEG-Y loading using Ignition interfaceInsightEarth Ignition provides several ways to bring in data from other interpretation packages for rapid completion and improvement.

SEG-Y loading can be very confusing, and InsightEarth is here to help. The SEG-Y loader provides several default preset formats to easily import SEG-Y files that have been created by other interpretation packages.

If the SEG-Y data has a different format, InsightEarth can help with that as well. Intuitive visual cues assist with determining the correct byte locations during load, and a helpful map display presents a representation of the data in survey and world coordinate space. Accurate Coordinate Conversion is also available when needed. Of course, SEG-Y Export is also available if needed for using volumes in other interpretation systems.

Many industry-standard ASCII file formats are predefined within InsightEarth as well, and for those files whose formats are not so standard, the ASCII importer provides the means to define custom file formats that can be saved for re-use in the future, especially with exporting.

InsightEarth is designed to load multiple files at once, saving repetitious file loading. Also, data plugins for many interpretation systems are available as add-ons to InsightEarth Ignition. Currently supported data plugins include Paradigm EPOS, Schlumberger Petrel, and Landmark DecisionSpace.

Projects and Sessions

An interpreter’s time is precious, especially when a lease sale looms on the horizon. Finding data quickly and easily, and also having confidence that the very latest and best results are being used is of paramount importance. Towards that end, InsightEarth Ignition provides Projects for organizing data on disk in the correct coordinate system, and Sessions for rapidly restoring the most recent work done in a Project for the next interpretation work to be performed.


Take advantage of the years of experience contained within InsightEarth by referring to the Workflow Guide to begin moving through interpretations with speed and accuracy. The information provided in the Workflow Guide is the result of months and years of testing by the InsightEarth team, and has been distilled down to the most concise and accurate steps required to attain a desired interpretation result. Put this combined knowledge to work on the most difficult surveys, and be amazed by the results.

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