RockFrame’s structural characterization tools are designed to complement the Jason Workbench of quantitative interpretation workflows and products. QI teams can take advantage of the 3D horizon auto-trackers and manual fault pickers to build, refine, or enhance a reservoir’s structural framework. The value of staying within the Jason Workbench is reduced cycle time, improved quality, and better project economics.

Reduced Cycle Time

RockFrame Horizons and Faults
Interpret horizons and faults on acoustic impedance
data as easily as on seismic amplitude data

RockFrame makes it easy for QI teams to build and refine their reservoir’s structural framework without leaving the Jason Workbench. QI workflows are fundamentally iterative in nature and lead to both new data and new insights that require further refinement of a reservoir’s structural and stratigraphic framework. By staying within the Jason Workbench your project can proceed seamlessly without the need for complex data exchanges with external packages – thereby dramatically reducing both risk and project cycle time.

High-Quality Results

RockFrame provides fit-for-purpose horizon auto-trackers designed to work as well with acoustic impedance data as with seismic amplitude data. Along with standard correlation based 2D and 3D techniques, RockFrame’s seismic auto-tracking capabilities include multi-attribute confidence controls, attribute based stopping conditions, and a map tracker. Acoustic impedance trackers have been enhanced and now provide both a value based approach and a mean slope picker that improves an interpreters ability to pick horizons even more quickly than before. So no matter what stage of the process you are in, RockFrame has the tools you need to build the best model of your subsurface reservoir.

Improved Project Economics

High quality 3D volume based structural framework building, coupled with the superior reservoir characterization technology found in Jason’s RockTrace® and RockMod,® minimizes project risk and optimizes project economics. Oil companies are better able to select the best well locations as a result of the multi-disciplinary approach supported within the Jason Workbench. Ultimately, greater understanding and improved reservoir predictability lead to an improved bottom line.

A Better, Faster, More Complete Workflow within GeoSoftware

  • Interpret new horizons on elastic impedance, property, or seismic amplitude data within the 3D View
  • Interpret faults directly within a 3D volume to establish and refine your reservoir’s structural framework
  • Well information is shared directly and without duplication between PowerLog, the Jason Workbench, and EarthModel® FT, ensuring realtime collaboration among asset teams
  • The GeoSoftware environment provides an integrated framework for delivery of multi-user seamless cross product workflows

Leverage Jason Technology

Achieve more accurate results by utilizing all available subsurface information including rock property data from Jason inversion products. Produce higher quality and more reliable geologic models by integrating PowerLog, Jason RockFrame, and EarthModel FT.

Interpret Acoustic Impedance Data

RockFrame Figure 2. Use faults to constrain horizon trackers. Figure 3. Use AutoGap to track multiple horizons simultaneously. Figure 4. Track and edit horizons within the Map View.

Pick and Edit Faults in 3D

RockFrame Figures 5-7 Figure 4. Pick faults interactively in 3D. Figure 5. Use fit-for-purpose surface fitting tools. Figure 7. Generate fault polygons manually or automatically. Edit, split or join individual polygons.

Tracking on Acoustic Impedance Data

RockFrame Figures 8-10 Figure 8. Mid-point impedance tracker from local maximum to local minimum. Figure 9. Mid-point impedance tracker from local minimum to local maximum. Figure 10. Track a specific impedance value across the reservoir.

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