SaltSpark accurately defines salt bodies, no matter how complex or unusual they may be. This innovative solution accurately brings the most complicated structures into clear definition. Iterative migrations run much faster and deliver superior imaging results.

See Where Salt Ends and Pay Zone Begins

With SaltSpark, simple workflows clearly define formation boundaries.

Top and base of salt as separate horizons Rapidly capture complex bodies and insert the salt velocity to dramatically shorten the workflow.
Salt body represented by single multi z surface Quickly capture the exact shape of the whole volume, then expand or collapse to form the closed salt body.

SaltSpark for Rapid Salt Body Capture

Salt bodies can be difficult to interpret, and the most complex ones are nearly impossible. Getting an approximate picture of the salt requires a time-consuming process of seemingly endless iterations, and still the produced results can be imprecise.

SaltSpark identifies the exact boundaries of the most complex salt structures quickly and easily. One of the outputs is a closed 3D geobody, even in the most poorly imaged areas. This output can also be used to create a mask volume for velocity modeling. Reduce interpretation and model building time, see the salt as it really is, and ultimately tap the reservoir beneath.

SaltSpark Advantages

  • Automated processes quickly identify the boundaries of domes, pillows, massifs and other complex bodies with great precision
  • Advanced Trim and Seal rapidly creates a “no light leaks” interpretation for use in geo-modeling or velocity model building
  • Multiple volume attributes can be used as the stopping condition to define boundaries for merging a salt interpretation into one continuous geobody, thus eliminating line-by-line interpretation

Surface Wrapping and Surface Draping

SaltSpark comes with two powerful tools that add speed and accuracy to your interpretation workflows. Surface Wrapping rapidly captures the entire salt volume as a closed triangulated surface. Surface Draping quickly defines the tops and bases of complex salts with great accuracy. Together, these tools significantly reduce interpretation and model building time.

SaltSpark Video

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