Perform interactive directional well path planning while adhering to both geological targets and engineering design constraints with InsightEarth WellPath. See the real world in 3D, essential for optimal well planning in unconventional and fractured reservoirs. Now you can quickly plan and QC horizontal wells on high-density, multi-lateral pads and confidently deliver plans that drillers can actually drill. Take advantage of unique well path planning optimization algorithms to educe errors and oversights in the planning process. Dramatically reduce drilling risk with anti-collision management.


Easily Plan Your Directional Well Paths

Plan all wells from a single pad, all at once, always in 3D. WellPath lets you view anti-collision results of all planned wells to avoid hazards, legacy wells, and recent completions. Stay on top of your rig schedules by dramatically reducing planning cycle time from several weeks to a single morning.

WellPath employs a complete suite of engineering constraints that are combined with constant curvature and constant toolface planning algorithms to plan new well paths, multi-laterals and sidetracks for both new field development and infill drilling.

See InsightEarth WellPath brochure for more information.

InsightEarth WellPath Video

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