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GeoSoftware Overview  Download (PDF, 3 MB)
Jason Overview  Download (PDF, 3 MB)
HampsonRussell Overview   Download (PDF, 5 MB)
InsightEarth Overview  Download (PDF, 2 MB)
PowerLog Overview  Download (PDF, 2 MB)
VelPro Overview  Download (PDF, 2 MB)
Jason Environment Plus (E-Plus)  Download (PDF, 3 MB)
Jason RockMod  Download (PDF, 2 MB)
Jason StatMod  Download (PDF, 2 MB)
Jason InverTracePlus  Download (PDF, 1 MB)
Jason RockTrace  Download (PDF, 2 MB)
Jason Facies & Fluids Probabilities (FFP)  Download (PDF, 2 MB)
Jason Depth Inversion   Download (PDF, 2 MB)
Jason Anisotropic Inversion  Download (PDF, 2 MB)
Jason DepthMod   Download (PDF, 2 MB)
Jason WellTie  Download (PDF, 2 MB)
Jason WaveletTools   Download (PDF, 2 MB)
Jason Multi-Realization  Download (PDF, 2 MB)
Jason Multiple Attribute Well Interpolator (MAWI)   Download (PDF, 2 MB)
Jason Multi-CPU (MCPU)  Download (PDF, 1 MB)
HampsonRussell AVO  Download (PDF, 6 MB)
HampsonRussell Strata  Download (PDF, 5 MB)
HampsonRussell Emerge  Download (PDF, 4 MB)
HampsonRussell LithoSI  Download (PDF, 2 MB)
HampsonRussell GeoSI   Download (PDF, 2 MB)
HampsonRussell RockSI   Download (PDF, 2 MB)
HampsonRussell ProAZ  Download (PDF, 3 MB)
HampsonRussell Pro4D    Download (PDF, 2 MB)  
HampsonRussell MapPredict (formerly ISMap)  Download (PDF, 2 MB)  
HampsonRussell Attributes  Download (PDF, 2 MB)
InsightEarth FaultFractureSpark  Download (PDF, 2 MB)
InsightEarth PaleoSpark  Download (PDF, 2 MB)
InsightEarth SaltSpark  Download (PDF, 2 MB)
InsightEarth WellPath  Download (PDF, 2 MB)
PowerLog  Download (PDF, 3 MB)
Well Log Analysis using PowerLog  Download (PDF, 3 MB)
PowerLog Rock Physics Module (RPM)  Download (PDF, 3 MB)
PowerLog Capillary Pressure  Download (PDF, 1 MB)
PowerLog StatMin  Download (PDF, 3 MB)
PowerLog FaciesID  Download (PDF, 3 MB)
PowerLog FracRAT  Download (PDF, 3 MB)
PowerLogFrac  Download (PDF, 3 MB)
Machine Learning for Petrophysics  Download (PDF, 2 MB)
EarthModel FT Complete  Download (PDF, 2 MB)
EarthModel FT Geophysics  Download (PDF, 2 MB)
EarthModelBuilder  Download (PDF, 2 MB)
Well Log Analysis and Model Building Made Easy  Download (PDF, 3 MB)
Rock Properties for Success in Shales  Download (PDF, 2 MB)
Software that Works the Way Petrophysicists Do  Download (PDF, 1 MB)
Determining Water Saturation from Capillary Pressure   Download (PDF, 1 MB)  
Stochastic Modeling & Petrophysical Analysis of Unconventionals  Download (PDF, 2 MB)
Benefits of Integrating Rock Physics with Petrophysics   Download (PDF, 10 MB)
Building Highly-Detailed, Realistic 3D Numerical Models  Download (PDF, 1 MB)
Enhancing Reservoir Performance: Fast, Accurate Geologic Models  Download (PDF, 1 MB)
Incorporating Geophysics into Geologic Models   Download (PDF, 3 MB)  
Comparison of Porosity Estimated Obtained using post-, partial-,...
 Download (PDF, 2 MB)
AVA Stochastic Inversion of Pre-Stack Seismic Data and Well...  Download (PDF, 1 MB)
Joint Stochastic Inversion of Petrophysical Logs and 3D Pre-Stack...  Download (PDF, 6 MB)
High Resolution Brings New Insight into Connectivity, Reservoir size,...
 Download (PDF, 9 MB)
Production Assessment of Reservoir Models Constructed...  Download (PDF, 2 MB)
Geostatistical Inversion for the Lateral Delineation...  Download (PDF, 1 MB)
Acoustic Impedance Interpretation for Sand Distribution...  Download (PDF, 9 MB)
Tips & Tricks Series: HampsonRussell AVO  View Video
Petrophysics and Modeling for Geologists and Engineers  View Video
New Anisotropic Inversion Approaches (Part 1 of 2)  View Video
New Anisotropic Inversion Approaches (Part 2 of 2)  View Video
RockSI™ and LithoSI for Augmentation of Petro-Elastic Models  View Video
Reduce Exploration Drilling Risk Using RockSI™ and LithoSI  View Video
InsightEarth Surface Wrapping  View Video
InsightEarth Automated Fault Extraction (AFE)  View Video
InsightEarth Surface Draping  View Video
InsightEarth PaleoSpark  View Video
InsightEarth SaltSpark  View Video
InsightEarth WellPath  View Video
PowerLogFrac: A Frac Simulation Workflow  View Video
GeoSoftware Training  View Video
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