Geological Modeling

Geological Modeling

Build complex reservoir models with seismic and well data. Update any model details in real-time and track changes. Our software integrates structural modeling and rock properties modeling for fault analysis and volumetric calculation. Repair faults and automatically truncate against surfaces. Create ‘what if’ scenarios for analysis of reservoir variation and production optimization. Upscale for most accurate representation of petrophysical properties in simulation, converting trace-based seismic grids to stratigraphic layers in corner point grids. Change any geomodel detail at any time in the overall workflow to instantly update.

Build Complex Reservoir Models

  • Mapping
  • Fault Interpretation Prediction
  • Structural Modeling
  • 3D Cellular Gridding / GeoCellular Modeling
  • Low Frequency Modeling
  • Property Modeling
  • Reserve Estimation
  • Volumetrics
  • Upscaling
  • Resampling
  • Well Planning
  • Knowledge Management
  • Assessing Risk and Uncertainty

Geological Modeling Products

GeoSoftware - EarthModel FT

EarthModel FT

Superior reservoir modeling capabilities. Rapidly build and update geological models. Incorporate all field data and connect to flow simulation.